Infographic – Hair DNA Testing

June 15, 2016

infographics-hair dnaHair DNA Testing is a revolutionary procedure for detecting the exact reason, which is triggering the hair loss, in a particular person. As everybody has their own requirements, it is also essential to know which medicine will work on an individual to fight the hair loss issue. The main purposes of the revolutionary Hair DNA Testing is to find the exact cause behind the male or female pattern baldness, this procedure is also helpful enough for estimating the hair loss severity from the very beginning. The samples, which are used for Hair DNA Testing are, Hair, Blood, Saliva, and Semen. At the lab, the DNA is collected from the samples, after this it is assessed through an advanced procedure. The technology, which is used in the testing enables the specialists to conduct the whole procedure quickly as well as accurately.

As hair loss has become quite a common issue, among a lot of people, it is also necessary for you to know the main reason, which is causing the hair loss in you. As this treatment doesn’t involve the over or under dose of the medicine, it is absolutely free from the side-effects.

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