Hair Transplantation: It’s Time to Debunk the Myths Related to it

July 27, 2015

Many of us who are suffering from hair loss have thought of hair transplantation. But, very few people have the courage to undergo the treatment. Although the latest researches show that the market of hair transplantation is booming rapidly, yet many of us still have false notions about it. This has prevented many bald men and women to get back their hair through it. Today, I am going to reveal the facts related to the hair transplantation. Just read on.

  • An old individual cannot undergo hair transplantation: This is a very common myth and it is resulting in old people avoiding the treatment. We should know that this belief has no scientific base and is far from reality. Before you go for hair transplantation, the surgeon makes sure that the new hair that your scalp will grow after the treatment will absolutely match the texture and quality of your existing hair. The hair on the back of your head decides whether you are suitable for it. Your age doesn’t have any link with the procedure.
  • The outcome of the treatment is apparent: The outcome of a hair transplantation method will be exquisite and natural looking. The most common techniques that the surgeons generally accomplish make your hair look natural. While doing the treatment, the surgeon determines the location and the angle to create the best plausible artistic look.

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  • The result depends upon the number of grafts transplanted in a single session: I accept that it’s better to do more transplantation in a particular session, yet it may involve certain kinds of risks. If the surgeon, in order to minimize the scarring and to enhance the natural appearance, chooses to transplant more grafts, then the growth of the hair may get affected. It may also compel the surgeon to transplant the grafts in those sites that may be pragmatic to hair growth.

Doing the surgery from the best hair transplant centre in India matters a lot because only the skill of the surgeon ultimately decides the outcome. Generally, a good hair transplant clinic will have skilled surgeons. Hence, do extensive research before jumping to any conclusion.

  • Hair transplantation works only on men: This myth has compelled many women to live a shameful life and to restrict their movement, just because they are going bald. They should know that the reality is hair transplantation works effectively in treating both male and female pattern baldness. Though baldness in women is slightly different from men and the supply of donor hairs are comparatively smaller in women.
  • This treatment gives you an immediate result: The truth is that after the treatment a major portion of the outside hair falls within 3 weeks. However, the roots of the hair won’t stop to grow. The patient will generally see the outcome after 8 months and his head will be again filled with hair within 9-12 months. Hence, he should have patience.
  • Washing the hair after the treatment may affect the growth: On the contrary to this myth, the shampooing of the hair does not intervene with the growth or other factors after the treatment. You should actually keep the treated area clean so that it does not get infected.
  • Taking medicines throughout the life is essential to avoid any risk: The reality is just the opposite the transplanted hairs will be permanent and you don’t have to take medicine throughout your life. The transplanted hairs are not prone to the activities of DHT hormones which triggers hair fall. But, you may lose your hair at the crown. It takes place when you go for the treatment at a premature stage.

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  • New hairs will grow on the site of the donor: This is another myth. The essence of hair restoration method is that the hair are plucked from the donor site and transplanted on the recipient site. However, the hair plucked out from that site will not make the hair loss visible. But, no other hair will grow on the donor site again.
  • The hair restoration results are temporary: The myth is partially true. The hair that will grow from the transplanted follicles will not fall out as long as it would remain on the donor site. Hence, the technique is not itself long-lasting. You may require going for another session of the treatment if your hair loss continues. But, this hair loss will take place only when the treated area is affected by the new hair loss surrounding it.
  • Either someone else’s or your own body hair may be used during transplantation: It is actually a blending of two false beliefs. Hair transplantation does not involve someone else’s hair. You should possess healthy hair follicles to get the desired result. Moreover, your body hairs will also not take part in the procedure. You cannot expect that the surgery will use your body hair and the new hair will grow exactly like your existing hairs.
  • It should be done at the initial stage of hair loss to get maximum benefit: It is completely baseless. It is really difficult to predict the extent of your hair loss and to decide whether it requires any treatment. In the initial stages, even the physicians won’t be able to tell you exactly whether you need hair restoration surgery. Therefore, it’s worthier to go to the physician when your hair loss gets stable.
  • FUT technique is far superior to FUE technique: We cannot overlook the fact that FUT, an age-old method is convenient for the surgeons, but its several demerits have made it almost obsolete. It leaves a big scar and moreover, the number of transplanted grafts is lower than the removed grafts. Hence, it cannot be considered the best hair transplantation technique.
  • The surgery is very painful: You will perhaps go for hair transplantation if I say that the surgery is not at all painful. As, it is carried out under local anaesthesia, the site will be benumbed. You will suffer from almost no pain during the treatment or after its completion. Moreover, you can get back to your normal life within few days.

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  • Laser Hair transplant is the best method: I am absolutely against this statement and will like to tell you that although lasers were introduced many years ago, yet a handful of surgeons use it during hair transplantation. It is because lasers damage the tissues and hence cause more harm to the skin than the other methods.
  • Small grafts produce less dense hairs: The fact is that the density of the hair is independent of the grafts sizes. It only depends upon the number of transplanted grafts. Bigger grafts, on the other hand, may make the entire new hairs look artificial.
  • FUE surgery will not leave any scar: We should know that every hair restoration technique will leave scars on the scalp of the patients. The FUE surgery will reduce the size of the scars to several dots. However, these kinds of scars are almost not visible even if you are bald.
  • The surgery badly affects the brain: Hair Restoration is a kind of surgery that involves only the skin of your scalp. It does not go below the skin and does not even come in contact with any part of the brain. Hence, it cannot cause any damage to your brain and you need not worry about it.
  • Hair transplant is not affordable: The cost of the hair transplant depends on various factors especially the number of the grafts that are to be transplanted. Hence, its price varies. Though it’s a little costly, it’s definitely affordable. Moreover, many hair transplant clinics provide installment facilities too.

Now, after reading this treatise, I am sure that you have developed a new outlook towards hair transplantation. So go for it with a more positive attitude than you had before if you really want Hair Transplant in Kolkata or anywhere in India.

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