Hair Fast: World’s First Revolutionary Hair Regrowth Nutritional Supplement

May 2, 2016

Hair loss can be treated in many different ways. There are natural homemade remedies, medications, surgical procedures and so on. However, if you want a solution without any side-effects then you must undergo Hair Fast, world’s first revolutionary hair regrowth treatment. It uses nutritional supplements to encourage growth of new hair. It can deal with any hair loss cause. The treatment is also ideal for those patients who are scared of painful hair restoration surgeries.

Hair Fast Dr Pauls

How Hair Fast Works?

Hair Fast is a cyclical vitamin therapy program that uses micro nutrients to trigger hair growth. The micro nutrients that are used in the process are Antioxidants, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals. Omega 3, Bioflavonoids, Grape seed extracts, Garlic powder , Ginseng etc.

This vitamin cyclical therapy program is given in three days to the patients:

In the first day antioxidants and calcium are given

In the second day iron, folic acid and vitamin C are given to trigger hair growth

In the third day, amino acids and Finasteride are given. Females are given biotin instead of Finasteride

2 % Ketoconazole & Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo is given every 3 days for better results.

The treatment encourages the growth of new hair by:

Bringing the dormant hair roots to the growth phase and reinforcing it to prevent excess hair loss in patients.

The micro nutrients when given with Low Light Laser Therapy renews natural stem cells in the scalp to produce new hair roots.

Benefits of Hair Fast

  • The antioxidants in the treatment can combat stress and counteract toxins in the body.
  • Skin becomes healthy.
  • Joint pains, body stiffness disappear.
  • Increases the overall strength and stamina of the body.
  • Memory becomes sharp and there is an improvement in their academic performance.
  • The ingredients improve the overall health and metabolism of a patient.
  • Improved hair density.
  • Men and women both can benefit from the treatment and get a head full of natural dense looking hair.
  • Recommended by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, USA.
  • It is an extensively researched and tested treatment that is appreciated all over the world.

Hair Fast can Cope with Any Kind of Hair Loss

Hair loss in men and women are not more attributed to age these days. Hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders, scalp infections, nutritional deficiencies, side-effects of medicines, prolonged illness, stress, pollution are some of the factors that triggers it.

Androgenetic alopecia that triggers Male Pattern Baldness (AGA) is caused by genetic endowment and male hormone, exhibits a chemical phenomenon with variable expression. The androgen gene is responsible for 40% of male pattern baldness (MPB). Other genes controlling hair follicle cycle, response to metabolic processes, cell division, tension and environmental factors contribute to the other 60%

For these patients, there is still hope in the form of Hair Fast. With this Hair Follicular Activity Stimulating Therapy, any kind of hair loss irrespective of its causes can be treated with efficacy. Now patients can get back their youth, confidence and hair with this cyclical vitamin therapy.

Opt for Hair Fast and get a head full of dense looking hair with it. Bring a change in your personality with this amazing treatment.

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