Top7 Dos and Don’ts While Coloring Hair

November 5, 2015

‘Life is too short to have boring hair.’ You can make it interesting by trying out many different colors. You do not have to go to the salon every time to color your hair. Just a little bit attention and skill will do all the things. You have to be careful while coloring and should follow some dos and don’ts to keep yourself away from the hair dye disasters.

  • Keep the coloring process simple 

drpaulsonline - Keep the coloring process simple

Try not to go beyond one or two shades darker or lighter than your original hair color. If you fail to choose the right color, your hair will look unnatural and you may have to foot a huge salon bill to rectify it.

  • Start with demi- and semi-permanent dyes 

drpaulsonline - dye your hair

As these demi-and semi-permanent dyes remain stick to the hair for only 4-6 weeks, you won’t have to carry the same color year after year. Unlike permanent dyes which damage the hair cuticles and take off the natural colors, these dyes do not damage the hair and simply deposit the color like a coating.

  • A little bit of face-framing highlights will be great

drpaulsonline - face framing  Face-framing highlights can highlight your facial bone structure. Apply the darker highlights at the roots and lighter at the tips. The highlights should differ in lightness and shouldn’t overpower your base color. It’s better to get the highlights done from a professional in a salon.

  • Choose a quality hair color product 

drpaulsonline - use quality products

With the plethora of cheap products available in the market, it may be difficult for you to buy the right one. Don’t let your budget be a constraint in the path of picking the right brand.

  • Mind your skin tone while selecting color 

drpaulsonline - hair color

This is the most important part especially for the Indian girls. All the hair colors are divided into warm and cool colors. Brunt orange, yellow, brick, and copper colors come under the warm category whereas tortoiseshell, green, pink, and blue fall under the cool category. If you’re doing this for the first time, you should try the brown shade as it is very close to black.

  • Don’t shampoo your hair frequently after coloring 

drpaulsonline - shampoo

Do you know that the biggest enemy of hair dye is water? The chemicals in the dye make our hair vulnerable to the effects of water. Don’t let the water run over your hair for several minutes and stop excessive rinsing too. Instead of shampooing your hair every day, apply a dry shampoo at the roots to soak up the excess oil.

  • Don’t rub your hair roughly with a towel 

drpaulsonline - rub your hair gently

Rubbing the hair too roughly with a towel can decolor the hair and make it dry and rough. After shampooing, you can opt to air dry or can blot it gently.

Instead of using your fingers, use the application brush just like a professional hair colorist. Here’s a secret for you: you can buy the brush for less than a dollar from any beauty store in your locality.

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