Don’t Have a Bad Hair Day on Your Wedding Day!

October 29, 2014

Weddings in India or even in any other country are known to be a very posh and important affair. Not only are the lives of two individuals going to change forever after, but a whole new world of possibilities will be opening up for their respective families soon to become one! As such, even the most trivial of aspects suddenly become all important. This especially goes for the bride whose appearance on the D day which will perhaps be one of the most looked upon aspects of the entire affair. This article attempts to give some guidance and tips to prevent a bad hair day on the D Day!

So the date is set, the invitations sent out, the venues decked up and you have all your preparations done for the big fat wedding! Wait a minute? Did you check your hair? OH, so it still looks like a bird’s nest and the weddings just a few weeks away? Well, you are fortunate enough that you still have some time on hand at least. Here are some tips that will help you in this really unfortunate, uncalled for the situation! Read on:

Tip 1:

The best way to prepare for a wedding is to start well beforehand. This applies not only for hair care but also for everything related to personal grooming is to start well beforehand. Do not wait for a stylist to come in at the last moment and take care of everything as far as your hair is concerned. The reason for this is simple, you are going to have loads of things to take care of towards the end and you seriously do not want your head or hair to add to the stress.

Tip 2:

You can start researching about popular and trending hairstyles for the big day. There are many magazines both in print as well as on the World Wide Web where you can get a lot of information about what’s in today, popular hairstyles, what will suit your face shape and body type the best, even information about the best hair stylists and what they are known for! Access to all this information is surely going to make styling your hair a lot easier and leave you spoilt for choices.

Tip 3:

When it comes to finalizing the hair stylist, it is best that you check with them well in advance too since they may have other bookings during the same period. This is especially true during the wedding seasons. Also, discuss all the possible charges and other financial implications such as the cost of products used and the like. When it comes to weddings, there is one golden tip that one should never forget. Better to have discussed all the fees and charges well in advance rather than having arguments and flying tempers at the time of the functions and spoil the atmosphere and spoil it for everybody.

Tip 4:

Lastly, if you are under any medication or hair treatments, then it is best advised that you consult your doctor to know which styles and treatments should be best for you. It is easy to get carried away and use some chemicals or shampoos that may prove to be drastically harmful for you during the wedding atmosphere.

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