Dr. Abhijit Paul, the lead to create a leading aesthetic brand

September 30, 2016

All about the organization: Creating a brand:

Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solution, an ISO 9001 and 14001 registered organization, began its journey in 2007 and it required only less than a decade to touch the zenith of success. At present, this famous organization has numerous branches spread all over India. The major concern of this reputed organization is to provide world-class aesthetic treatments to the numberless people of this country.


Dr. Abhijit Paul, the Founder and Director of this brand started his course by opening a clinic in Salt Lake, Kolkata and now, the number itself has created a benchmark in the aesthetic world. The success or prosperity that he has experienced is all because of his uprightness and capability to proffer top-notch hair and skin solutions to the discerning clients. The transparency that has been maintained by him is completely followed by his dynamic team members including the surgeons and other medical professionals. They are not only trained or experienced but also skilled in tackling various serious problems. They tend to establish and maintain a strong and friendly relationship with all their customers, which assist the patients to discuss their issues freely. Thus, taking a complete hold on the superior or premium quality is the primary and major focus of the organization. All the clients or patients are generally seen to be quite pleased and satisfied with the outcome of the cost-effective treatments.

Unveiling Venus Concept:

However, Dr. Paul’s chief aphorism is to withstand several problematic conditions with the uttermost ease. Hence, the brand has constantly been trying to get connected with the innovative and advanced procedures, which in case are effective to deliver outstanding consequence. One of such endeavours is the adherence with the Venus Concept that began with providing Venus VivaTM in the Salt Lake branch of Paul’s. This treatment was introduced for conveying non-invasive and easy way to deal with skin problems that incorporate acne and scars, signs of ageing, hyper pigmentation, sagging skin, etc. This is a smart and unique combination of NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and SmartScan technology. This two gets combined to proffer flawless and youthful look by keeping aside multiple negative aspects. The union of Dr. Paul with Venus Concept was introduced in 2014 and after getting a satisfactory result from this, he came up with Venus VersaTM in more than 12 noteworthy locations. NanoFractionalTM applicator is also used in this value-driven multi-treatment platform.

Venus Versa: A dedicated method for all skin types:

Well, Venus Versa is a one stop solution for numerous skin related troubles and different types of necessitated and hands-on treatments are provided without any hassle with this unique conception. Dr. Paul’s is the pioneer of this concept in our country and since July 2016, the name has closely been acquainted with this incredible aesthetic versatility. In fact, it is never an exaggeration in mentioning that Dr. Paul’s owns the right of Venus Versa treatment in the Eastern India. Skin rejuvenation, removal of uncanny hair from the visible parts of body, skin resurfacing, body contouring are handled by the proficient professionals with the aid of this concept. Every individual can receive refreshed and unblemished skin after undergoing this advanced treatment, which has increased the level of popularity of this famed name.

In accordance with Dr. Abhijit Paul, the experts are there to take care of the total procedure and that’s why each and every patient get perfect effect in a painless way. Dedicated practice and skilful handling of the associated medical experts oblige the customers to step into various clinics of the same. Thus, the expansion of the brand is immensely possible without generating much trouble. Here lies the root of achievement of this milestone creator in the globe of aesthetic treatments.

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