A Complete Guide to the Procedure of Hair DNA Testing

June 1, 2016

Nowadays, hair loss has become one of the major issues, which is paving the way for a number of sleepless nights to a lot of people. Have you ever felt embarrassed when a little girl or boy from the neighborhood has called you uncle or aunt? Or you are going through a tough phase of your life, when every single person of your work place is making fun of you, due to the untimely hair loss? If all the answers of the above mentioned questions are yes, then this is the high time for you to know the exact reasons behind this hair loss of yours.

Hair DNA Testing

The reasons behind hair loss may vary from one person to the other. The hair loss may occur, due to the increasing amount of pollution in the air, having an under active thyroid gland, hormonal imbalances, deficiency of nutrition in the body, etc. Thus, if we want to go for an effective hair loss treatment, it is necessary for us to know the real reason behind this. Hair DNA Testing, is the only method, which has the capacity of helping you to know the real reason behind the untimely hair loss, you are having.

What is Hair DNA Testing?

Researchers has found out the fact that, AR gene provides instructions for making a protein called androgen receptor. It allows the body to respond appropriately to dihydrotestosterone and other androgens. More than 70% of the baldness occurs due to androgenic alopecia, a hereditary hair loss, which has its roots in the genes of the patient. The most probable cause of the genetic hair loss is the high levels of the dihydrotestosterone and the AR gene, existing in the human body.

The Procedure of performing the Genetic Test:

The whole procedure of this genetic testing is done, by taking a sample of saliva, usually from your mouth or by collecting a few strands of hair. This is a complete painless procedure, and you can even proceed with your work, after the saliva or the hair strands has been collected.
The genetic analysis of the sample, collected from you, will definitely be completed, within two or three weeks. The genetic code of a person does not change over the years, so you will be getting the same result, every-time you are willing to take the test, in the future.

Modern technology has become more sophisticated, thus the whole program of analyzing the hair strands has also become easy, as well as appropriate too. In order to find the DNA composition of your hair, modern technology is using gas chromatography/mass spectometry (GC/MS) to chemically test the collected strands of hair. Generally a pencil-tip thickness of hair, close to the body is cut out. The reason behind collecting the hair, closest to the scalp is, it can be expected that, the hair would be able to show the most recent condition of the body.

Benefits of Hair DNA Testing:

Due to the recent development in modern science and technology, a new era has been opened in front of us. Before, the problem of hair loss, used to play a major role in taking away all the peace of mind from you. Identifying the main reason behind the hair loss, which you are having was another tricky job for you to pursue. But, all these have become much easier, with the invention of genetic tests. There are more than one benefits of having a genetic test, and they are-

  • This procedure is helpful enough for you to know the real reason behind your hair loss, more efficiently.
  • After knowing the real reason behind the hair loss of yours, it would be easier for the doctors to understand that, which medicine will work on the patient.
  • It would be possible for you to estimate the severity of your problem, which you are having.
  • As this procedure does not involve the over or under dose of any particular medications, this is entirely free from the side-effects.
  • This procedure can prevent the baldness in the children, even before it starts.
  • The overall health and wellness of yours will definitely be improved, after this procedure.
  • The procedure will also help the doctors to avoid the ineffective medicines.

The Importance of the Genetic Test for Hair Loss:

This Hair DNA Testing is a good indicator of the likelihood of you suffering from androgenic alopecia, years before that process can begin. If the test shows a positive result for the presence of the balding gene, you have about a 70% risk factor. In other words, if your results show a genetic predisposition to baldness, you’re about 70% likely to suffer from some degree of alopecia.

Thus, this treatment can provide you enough time to start the treatment, in order to slow and even you can also stop all the signs of a fatal hair loss, which might occur to you, within a year or two. So there is no need for you to be disheartened after knowing the fact that you might get balled within a few years. As, after knowing the real reason behind the hair loss of yours, it would be possible for you to take some effective steps, in order to solve this problem.

Hair loss has become quite a common issue, in both the males and females, nowadays. The miserable condition from which these people, who are having a hair loss, have to go through is not at all possible for us to understand. But, Hair DNA Testing has opened a new era in front of us, and it has become much easier for us to identify the real reason behind the hair loss, and take some effective steps for Hair Loss Treatment.

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