Your complete guide to breast lift surgery

August 20, 2016

According to the plastic or cosmetic surgeons, sagging of breasts are occurred for different causes among which the Breast Ptosis is regarded as the most vital one. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fatty structure, ageing can also be blamed for the sagging of breasts, which is the major reason behind the loath of them. Quite naturally, like other women, you also willed to possess proper contour, size and shape of your breasts. After all, this is considered to be one of the chief aspects for the grandeur of women. Perfect shape of breasts, in case, enhance the self-esteem as well as confidence level, isn’t?

Breast Lift Surgery

Well, there are so many young ladies, who intend to have ideal breasts but certain negative factors keep them away from reaching their desires. But, of late, nothing to be worried about it. If you are also facing the same kind of problem there is a permanent solution that you may undertake without being perplexed or hesitated. This is the breast lift surgery that is also termed as Mastopexy. But, before everything else, you must accumulate every single detail about this cosmetic surgery. All the relevant and significant particulars, regarding the same, is mentioned here. Check them out for better output.

What is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy is done for the full lifting of breast. Firmer and aesthetically pleasing shape is proffered to the sagging breasts with the aid of the procedure. Your feminine magnificence along with youthful appearance can be regained after undergoing this surgery. Here, the nipple an areola are repositioned so that the breasts may look perkier. The nipple is thus positioned higher on the chest wall. The Mastopexy Procedure of removing excess skin and providing the desired tightness is done under general anaesthesia. So, whether you may require shaping up your uneven breast or to give them a perfect and pleasing contour, nothing can be better than this surgery.

How the process is done?

As uttered before, the nipple and the areola are repositioned in such a way so that the breasts look symmetrical and attractive. There are different types of operation and the ideal one, for you, is decided by the surgeons after judging your breast’s size and shape. Not just that but also the doctors need to comprehend the type of your skin, size and position of areola, amount of sagging, etc. Three sorts of incisions are involved in lifting of breast and these incorporate:

  • The anchor ring
  • The anchor shank
  • The anchor stack

Some other options may include lollipop lift, donut lift, crescent lift, scarless lift, etc. Another important one is the modified lift, where the surgeon is restricted to make only a few changes. This type also include variations such as:

  • The periareolar lift
  • The circumareolar lift
  • The circumvertical lift

Well, these are the matter of understanding of your concerned surgeon. So, always consult a reputed and experienced professional, who may take care of the complete fact skilfully.


Duration of the surgery:

The surgery is done on an outpatient basis, which clearly intensifies that the patient doesn’t have to stay overnight or few days in the clinic after the completion of the surgical procedure. In fact, only some hours is necessitated for that surgery.

Recovery time:

Generally, 4 to 6 weeks are needed for the healing. During this time, patients should not do any heavy work or exercise. That may be a cause of detriment for them.


You are an eligible candidate for this surgery if you obtain good health along with positive attitude, don’t think twice before opting for this treatment. Apart from this, you are supposed to have good body weight. However, patient doesn’t have serious disorders like allergy, kidney problems, coronary diseases, problems in the nervous system, etc.


The cost of breast lift surgery varies from patient to patient. Nowadays, this operation doesn’t demand huge expenses, rather it depends on different factors. The fees of the doctor and the charges of the clinic are the first and foremost points that determine the cost. Besides, the requirement of the patient and the type which is going to be applied or utilized are another factors that may put impact on the total cost.


Well, to sum-up its edges, it can be mentioned that a great many benefits are closely connected to this surgery and these are as follows:

  • This is of uttermost significance for restoring the shape and size of the breast
  • Proper contour can even be received after a great weight loss
  • It may bring forth youthful appearance by boosting up the self-confidence level

Final words:

Well, a prior consultation is mandatory beforehand. You must disclose complete medical history in front of your respective doctor so that the doctor can identify your needs in this instance. After proper analysis, your treatment plan can be made. Quit smoking, drinking if there is a willingness to go through this procedure. Not only that but also you should start taking nutritious foods before undergoing that process. Thus, you can stay healthy and fit, which is extremely necessary for taking up this surgical way out for sagging or unattractive breast.

This post will definitely be helpful for you. Just go through this blog possessing complete concentration and select a skilled expert for doing your treatment. Some patients had faced some negative facets of that surgery that include infection, allergy, bleeding, pain, discomfort, etc. Besides, sometimes, sizes of two breasts get diverse due to the impact of this method. But, these should not lag you behind as you choose experienced and adept medical professionals, there is nothing that may bother you. So, remove all your tensions and pick out this unique one for regaining your youthful days.

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