8 Simple Tips to Avoid the Common Hair Styling Mistakes

July 27, 2015

Hair is the richest ornament of a woman. Hairstyles from the very beginning are associated with women. They are relentlessly trying out fashionable and trendy hairdos to come to the limelight in either a party or a social gathering. But, there are some hairstyle mistakes which you should avoid so that you don’t become a laughing stock for others.

Here’s the list of some common mistakes which you should avoid to turn the head of the attendees to your hair:

  • Straight cut steals away the bounce from your hair: Your hair will automatically lose all its charisma and youthfulness if you simply go for one-length haircut. Whereas blunt outlines highlight lines that are present on your face, the layers of your hair will create a mollifying effect. If you want to give prominence to your cheekbones, then go for bangs which are side-swept.
  • Light blonde hair shades add to your age: Very light blonde shades do not suit most girls. Instead, it may make them look older. For instance, Olivia Wilde’s green eyes become winsome even more with the darker hair dyes and this dark shade perfectly matches her bright complexion too.
  • Avoid the outdated hairstyle of adding more volume to the top: According to some hair stylists, puffing the back portion of the hair while flattening the front side will make you look outdated. So, it’s better to steer away from these kinds of hair styles.
  • Do not apply hair products on dry hair: Your hair responds best to the style when it is wet. Moreover, the hair products get evenly scattered on the wet hair. The only exception to this theory is that you should apply sprays of heat-protecting to the hair only when it is dry.
  • Fighting with your bangs: Longer hair at the crowns is one of the major causes that have made short haircuts an in-thing. So, don’t let the beauty of your hair ruin by tucking the bangs at the back of your ears. Just close your eyes to it and let it add to your personality in its own way.
  • Never copy the haircut of your favourite celebrity: When you go to the salon, you may show your hairstylist the picture of the haircut your favourite celebrity have undergone to give him/her an idea. But, your hairstylist should not copy it blindly. If your hair is more suitable to go for Jessica Simpson’s long blonde locks than your favourite Ashley Judd’s short tresses, then you should go for Jessica Simpson’s hairstyle.
  • Avoid using various hairstyling products: Using different hair products at a time to add volume to your hair may have boomerang effect (in a negative sense) on your hair. Many hair experts are of the opinion that hairspray, mousse, and gels make your hair look fuller only for some hours. But, in the long run, it stiffens your hair. After drying your hair, just apply a small dollop of the mousse to enjoy a fuller look.
  • Take care of your hair as you grow old: With your growing age, your hair also begins to lose its moisture. To keep its glossiness and smoothness, you have to opt for a treatment of deep conditioning once in every week. Get your hair trimmed at the ends to avoid splitting of the hair.

If you just follow the tips, you can create your own style statement. The hairs are definitely a plaything, but you have to take proper care of it so that you can continue playing with it.

Avoid the above-said mistakes and let your hair be simply hairlicious.

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