Combat various skin problems with the beneficial chemical peels

September 20, 2016

Every individual wishes to hold glowing skin with no flaw but there are so many hindrances occurred in the way of acquiring unflawed glory. Pollution, ageing issues, various illnesses, medication for long period, indiscipline way of life leading are completely responsible for damaged skin with multiple skin blemishes. Separate reasons demand different way of treating the harshness. Besides, problems and area of those negative aspects vary from person to person. Quite naturally, various aesthetic procedures are required to get rid of the uncanny spots or marks.

However, you may have undergone the similar sorts of difficulties. Yes, multiple ways out are there among which you can opt for Chemical Peeling. This is an ideal mean to get back the glamour by removing the undesired spots. But, before choosing this significant aesthetic method, you must gather proper knowledge on it. Thus, you can be capable of having the best ever outcome without much hassle.


What is chemical peel?

Chemical peel is an aesthetic treatment to get smooth and unblemished skin. This skin resurfacing procedure can enhance the appearance of a person by increasing the allurement. In this procedure, the affected parts of the patients are treated with a chemical solution that is applied on the treatment area or the top layers of skin.

Basically, most of the time peeling is applicable on the face but if need be, neck and hands are also treated with Chemical Peeling. This is necessitated for withstanding different sorts of skin related issues like acne and scar, wrinkles, pigmentation or skin discolouration, etc. Chemical peels can be utilized either alone or with other aesthetic methods.

Other problems treated with chemical peels:

It’s already stated that chemical peels are mandatory for dwelling with issues like acne, pigmentation and wrinkles or signs of ageing. But, that is not all as there are some other troubles which you also can get rid of. These are enlisted below:

  • Sagging skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Crow’s feet
  • Dark patches (melasma)
  • Under eye circle

Ideal candidate for the treatment:

Generally, people, holding fair complexion, are said to be the ideal candidates for the procedure. But, if you have problems like uneven skin tone and texture, acne and scar, stretch marks, sun damaged skin, ageing issues, you can opt for the treatment.

But, never forget to remember that there are some restrictions in availing this cosmetic treatment. In general, people, having some serious diseases, are not perfect for this advantageous way out. Those who can’t opt for this process are as follows:

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Patients of psoriasis or eczema
  • Who has used Accutane for prolonged duration

Is the remedy painful?

The gentle peels use glycolic, alpha-hydroxy and fruit acids and quite naturally, there is no risk of being harmed. Yes, you can face redness or irritation but you don’t have to experience pain. Thus, it is regarded as one of the best probable ways to deal with the negativity associated with skin.

Types of chemical peels:

Two distinct peels are used to treat skin blemishes. These include:

  • Black Peels: Black Peels are utilized for curing different types of acne
  • Yellow Peels: Yellow Peels are obligatory to combat hyper pigmentation or sun patches

On the other hand, depending on the outcome or result, peeling treatments can be divided into three different ways.

  • Superficial peels: They require one to seven days to get healed.
  • Medium peels: Here, approximately seven to fourteen days are needed.
  • Deep peels: In this case, two to three weeks are necessitated.

Separate chemicals are utilized in separate procedures. Though the deeper peels take longer period to be recovered they offer better outcome.

Now, get ready to know more about the black and yellow peels. Read between the lines of the rest of this post and increase your understanding about black and yellow chemical peels.

Black peels:

Various types of acne is treated with black peels that involve vinegar. In addition to that, black peels are the combination of various essential minerals that can help you to get rid of the acne and even signs of ageing. Blackheads, pimples, whiteheads are combated with these types of peels.

The outer portion of the skin is exfoliated with black peels and thus, you can have rejuvenated skin indeed.

Yellow peels:

Yellow peels are formulated with retinaldehyde and skin lighteners or tyrosinase blockers (Vitamin C, Phytic Acid,Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid). In spite of being weaker peeling, this is considered to be the most current way of chemical peeling.

Patchy or sun damaged skin is treated with the help of this peeling. Basically, this process works by eradicating several depths of epidermis. In this aesthetic mean, Retinol is used with the combination of Niacinamide, Vitamin C and E, Vitamin B6 and Pantothenic Acid. Melasma, wrinkles are also eliminated in this process where the synthesis of melanin is blocked. In fact, this is how the treatment works.

This is a simple and effective way. Just 5 to 10 minutes are needed for the completion of this method and after only 2 to 8 hours, the treated area can be rinsed off.

Final words:

However, waxing, scrubbing and bleaching must be avoided after the process gets completed. Your concerned dermatologist will advise you what to do and what not. The doctor may suggest you to apply a moisturiser for having unique result.

To sum-up, it can be mentioned that loads of positive aspects are closely connected to the process. But, you must consult a doctor or dermatologist before opting for peeling. Only an experienced medical professional can help you in this case. The prior suggestions and guidelines would entirely be suited. If you are in need of younger looking, vibrant skin, the process can be the perfect option for you. So, don’t think much and call your doctor today for availing this beneficial or advantageous way out.

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