How to Brush Your Hair Rightly

September 4, 2015

Hair brush is one of the common styling devices which we all have. Apart from fixing hairdo issues, it also deals effectively with hair tangles. Although we do not pay much attention to this small magic wand, yet it works amazingly in giving life to the hairs. Many of us are unaware about the hair brushing techniques. If you brush your hair in the wrong way, then it will eventually cause hair loss. Moreover, using an improper hair brush causes damages, static electricity, and takes away the smoothness of the hair. That’s why, it’s important to know the right way of brushing your hair. Let’s find out how you can do it.

Brush Your Hair

Brush Your Hair

Tips to brush the hair rightly

  • Prior to shampooing, take a wide-toothed comb. If your hair is long, gently comb it from the tip to the top of the hair. Do not pull the comb forcefully, otherwise your mature hairs on the scalp will break. On the other hand, you should comb your hair from the root to the tips, if you have short hair. It will help you to get rid of the frizz and managing the hair before washing will become easy.
  • Never brush wet hair. You don’t want to lose your healthy hair, right? Brushing the wet hair results in its shedding. So, avoid it even if your grandma is telling you to comb your hair when it’s still wet. But, if you have to brush your wet hair, then comb it in short strokes. Apply conditioner for detangling and also run your fingers while combing so as to ensure that all your hairs are detangled.
  • Are you using blow dryer frequently? If you want to have a trendy hairdo for short hair, you should use round hair brushes having 100% boar bristles. While, ceramic round brushes are fine for styling long hairs. Enjoy wearing spikes or soft sedu waves with these brushes.
  • When you’re using a hair straightener, you should set in to straighten it from the bottom. First of all, separate the two layers- upper layer and the bottom layer. Now, with the tail of the comb, pin up the upper layers. Then, straighten the lower layers and after that do the same with the upper layers. To make sure that there is no tangle, comb the separate hair tresses after straightening it.
  • Before sleeping, do not forget to apply massaging brush. You may ask- ‘What’s that?’ It’s actually brushing your hair gently to improve the blood circulation and to relax your head from the strain of the daylong hairstyle. Just do it for a couple of months and watch its incredible results.

I can assure you that if you follow the tips regularly for at least 6 months, you will definitely get shinier, smoother and dense hair. If you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on the hair spas and salon centres, then start following these tips from tomorrow onwards. The choice is completely yours, ask yourself whether you’re willing to spend money on haircare products or practice some hair brushing tips.

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