Things You Should Know While Considering Breast Augmentation

January 4, 2016

Breast implants are ruling the cosmetic industry for more than 50 years. It has instilled hope in many women who were suffering in silence with saggy breasts. The advancements in this field have played a great role in attracting women across the world to try it for at least once in their lifetime.

If your breasts are not well-developed, or if your boob size has decreased because of losing weight or pregnancy, then breast augmentation will come to you as a savior. It not only improves your appearance but also have some other benefits like it increases your confidence and opens for you the door of opportunities.

1. Role of Breast Augmentation in Improving Appearance

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Most of the women who have small breasts suffer from inferiority complex. They think that they’re not beautiful. Thus, they jump to it. Breast augmentation helps one in the following ways:

  • It augments the breast size
  • Treats the uneven breasts
  • Gives the breasts a fuller look

Though, women undergoing this surgery are restricted from doing any kind of heavy labor immediately after it. It’s because it may interfere with the healing process.

2. Role of Breast Augmentation in Other Aspects of Life 

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  • It boosts the confidence level.
  • Improves the job opportunities
  • Gives many social opportunities
  • Makes the woman feel young

These are some of the emotional benefits which women experience after having the surgery.

3. The Detailed Procedure of Breast Augmentation 

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First of all, your doctor will give you some medications to ensure your comfortably during the procedure. You will be given anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain.

Secondly, he will make an incision. The incisions are generally made in the inconspicuous areas to reduce visible scars. There are three types of incisions:

  • Inframammary incision
  • Periareolar incision
  • Transaxillary incision

It is you and your doctor who will decide which incision is to be performed. The incision varies depending on the degree of the enlargement desired, and the type of implant. Once the incision is made, a breast implant is put inside it either directly behind the breast tissue or just below the pectoral muscle. The method of insertion also depends on the enlargement desired and the type of the implant. At last, the doctors close the incision with multiple stitches in the breast tissue and with surgical tape, stitches, or skin adhesive closes the skin. You can immediately feel the change. Your breasts will become big and fuller.

4. Once done, will last for lifetime

drpaulsonline - breast augmentationThe women with breast implants should remember that it is intended to last for their lifetime. So, they may require replacement. After breast implantation, they should examine periodically by a certified plastic surgeon to monitor their implants.

Someone once said, “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”. And in this case, when you reach the destination, you’ll forget about the difficult roads of the surgery. Moreover, the roads are also not so difficult here.

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