Revealing 8 Astonishing Facts about Liposuction

March 18, 2016

Healthy life begins with a fit body and a perfect contour. A desire shape body add boost to your confidence and vanity to a great extent. But at times, a desired body shape gets difficult to attain through exercises and dieting, in our busy schedule. In such case switching to liposuction is the best option available. But there are many facts that you might not know about it. Here’s exploring 8 astonishing facts about liposuction. Here we go.

Facts about Liposuction

1. Liposuction works best to remove genetic fat

Fat deposited in different parts of the body can be both hereditary as well as result of an erratic lifestyle. Liposuction eliminates fat that is genetically obtained and not because of erratic lifestyle. In order to get best results from liposuction treatment an individual undertaking it should be physically fit, active and not under any major medical treatments. Liposuction eliminates fat deposits that are difficult to be removed through exercises and dieting.

2. Liposuction can shed calories from any part of the body

Liposuction can eliminate fat deposits from any part of the body such as abdomen, chest, breasts, hips, chin, tummy, outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, arms, calves, buttocks, flanks, cheeks and neck. Whether it is fat accumulated during pregnancy or because of genetic reasons, liposuction is the ultimate road to a perfect body shape.

3. Advancement in technology has improved liposuction

Ultrasound and laser technology have further improved the whole process of liposuction. With these additions in the technology of treatment it has become easier to liquefy the fat and eliminate it from the body. It also ensures speedy recuperation of the patients. Liposuction carried out by ultrasound technology or sound waves can be inserted through the cannula or directly on the skin. Ultrasonic energy assisted liposuction is called ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty or UAL.

4. Results start showing within few months

When you will stand before the mirror after few months of the treatment you will be able to notice remarkable change in your figure tone, so what you will see will be your desired shape. Generally, it takes a few weeks or months to see the result.

5. Fat cells obtained from liposuction can combat several diseases

Fat cells acquired from liposuction are wonderful source of mesenchymal stem cells, a sort of stem cell that can be developed into bone, tissue, and muscles of the body effectively. These fat cells can combat heart disease, blood sugar, and neurological ailments.

6. Liposuction can remove more than 30 liters of fat

The quantity of fat that can be removed by this cosmetic procedure can be around 30 litres. But this will not have much effect on the body weight as the fat tissues are comparatively lighter.

7. Youth can reap more benefits

Youth who are depressed and frustrated with excess body weight can highly benefit from this treatment. The criteria to undergo the treatment are possessing firm, elastic skin and sound health. Patients suffering from blood sugar, heart disease, high blood pressure, or past surgeries may require specialized considerations.

8. Tumescent liposuction is done mainly for aesthetic reasons

In tumescent liposuction, the doctor injects a saline solution with increased adrenaline. It is purely done because of aesthetic reasons rather than removing excess weight.

Whether it is for aesthetic reasons or purely for the objective of shedding calories, liposuction is the ideal option. Get the look of your desire with help of it. It’s safe & recommend by Doctors. In today’s technological era, these treatments are even safer & sound, not only that pain free and less time consuming.

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