Akshay Kumar Shares the Secret of his Youthful Looks on His 48th Birthday

September 21, 2015

The ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood- Akshay Kumar has discovered the fountain of youth. Since his appearance in the first movie, Saugandh in 1991, he is known in the Bollywood industry for his chiselled looks and fitness. Unlike many other Bollywood celebs, ageing couldn’t touch him. In fact, he believes that ‘ageing has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that.’

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Akshay kumar on his 48th birthday told us that he never worries about ageing. He added in a defiant tone, “If my beard makes me look like a 50-year old man, that’s because I am approaching 50. It’s my face and I will grow it the way I want to.” He doesn’t care if his salt-and-pepper beard makes him appear old. He is absolutely proud of his looks. Like his fellow and predecessor, Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar flaunts his Punjabi glamorous, ageless skin and well treated silky hair proudly.

2015 has remained a promising year for this great star. With the movies Gabbar is Back, Baby, and Brothers, he took a U-turn and re-entered the industry with a Big Bang. “I never off to secret holidays to shove needles in my face or drink youth potions,” he smiled. Instead of imitating others, he creates his own beauty statement. He is not addicted to smoking or drinking. He just takes care of himself.

A discipline life and regular workouts have made him remain young. It’s an art to master the ageing process, and Akshay has triumphed over it. He never jumps on the junked foods. He curbed his sweet tooth and eats sweets only on Sundays because this handsome Punjabi guy also deserves to take a break. On the contrary, he prefers home-cooked foods to get a glowing skin. The skin glows when we are fit from inside. Eating too much oily food affects the liver, and in turn, the skin accelerating the ageing. That’s why, Akshay Kumar takes the following diet regularly:

  • Breakfast: Parathas and a glass of milk
  • Brunch: A bowl full of various fruits
  • Lunch: Dal, Roti, chicken, green vegetables, and a bowl of curd
  • Evening: A glass of sugar-free fresh juice
  • Dinner: Soups, salads, and vegetables

Another secret of his fitness is – ‘Early to bed and early to rise.’ After completing his dinner by 7 in the evening, he generally goes to bed after 2 hours. He gets up at 4:30 in the morning and then he does myriads of workouts like Yoga, meditation, martial arts, kick boxing, basketball, swimming, and gym.

The well-known actress Anushka Sharma, on the popular chat show – Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable revealed Kumar’s ‘vanity van secrets’. She told that he wears make-up for the movies rarely. He massages his face with almond oil regularly. This vitamin E enriched almond oil is extremely good for the skin as it moisturises the skin and also acts as a good make-up remover.

Akshay embraces his natural growth. He said, “Why would I show you an unreal version of me? I believe that all my fans would like to see a real me, and not my prototype.”

Being one of the fittest actors, what message did Akshay give to his fans? “Health and fitness are crucial for making a dream come true. Even if it’s just to look good to your partner, or for yourself, get up and start exercise without giving any excuses.”

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