Tips for Acne!

May 11, 2015

 Acne Tips!

Having a clear and beautiful face is important for maintaining a healthy look. However, today’spolluted environmental conditions have an impact on our facial skin and they result in formation of acne, pimples etc. The following content explains the possible solutions for acne removal:

1: Aloe for acne

One of the properties of an aloe gel is to fight acne. Though this gel is available in stores, it is always better to use an aloe gel of a branch cut from a tree to avoid additives. The antibacterial property, soothing properties etc. helps in removing acne and give a smooth skin.

2:Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

 Baking soda has a wonderful property of clearing the acne. The antiseptic properties combined with the ability to fight fungus and bacteria and removing excess oil makes it a good choice for acne removal. Moreover, it also helps in softening the skin.

3: Lemon juice

The rich cleansing properties present in lemon helps get rid of acne. The presence of vitamin C combined with citric acid helps in exfoliating the skin. More importantly, lemon is an astringent which helps contracting the body tissues and dry out the blemish. These properties help the face to get rid of acne.


The antibacterial properties present in garlic helps in fighting infection and clearing acne. It can be applied over the skin or could be added in our diet. But before applying it directly over our face we should take care that it is diluted well. Apart from removing acne, garlic helps in smoothing the skin and anti-aging.


Avocado, rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential for clearing acne helps to a great extent. One main advantage of avocado is that it can be used for sensitive skin as well. A face mask which is a combination of honey and avocado helps in fighting acne better.

6:Orange peel paste

The refreshing taste of orange can be translated into a property that is required for a clear refreshing skin. The rich Vitamin C and astringent properties makes it a perfect choice for treating acne. Moreover, it helps in growing new healthy cells after acne is removed.

7:Sugar scrub

The property of sugar to remove the skin cells that clogs on the pores helps in removing acne. Mixing it up with honey or olive oil will help remove acne more efficiently.


8: Dermabrasion:

In this process, the upper layer of skin is removed or in other words abraded with a use of wire brush or a diamond wheel that has round edges. The skin is levelled initially and this might cause some bleeding due to wounds caused in this process. However, as the wound heals, a new skin grows replacing the old damaged one.


9:Laser skin resurfacing

The use of a high energy, amplified light vaporizes the top layer of skin and allows new skin to grow. The commonly used lasers are the ultra-pulsed carbon dioxide laser, the erbium YAG laser and the pulsed dye yellow light laser.

10:Chemical peels

The use of strong chemical peels helps in treating acne, especially the shallow ones. These peels help in removing the upper layer of the skin and give the skin an even color. It is said that, the chemicals used to treat shallow acne scars require very less healing time.



A face that is free of acne and pimples gives a healthy facial skin. It is this aspect everybody longs for. It is said – “A clear face is a reflection of a clear mind”

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