7 Best Hair Regimes for Luscious Hair

May 12, 2015

 7 Best Hair Regimes for Luscious Hair!

In order to make hair luscious and healthy you first need to tackle the factors affecting your hair and then establish required hair care regime. Although there are numerous products that promise to make your hair lustrous, choosing natural ways can be lot better. Hair loss and poor quality hair is directly associated to poor diet and poor hair maintaining habits. However with the right kind of hair care regime it gets easy to have beautiful hair all year round.

7 best hair regimes for luscious hair

Oiling – Nourishment is the most important thing to get that luscious hair, and oiling is the first step to it. Simple coconut or almond (virgin) oil can do wonders to your hair. Make sure you apply oil 30 minutes before shampoo and wrap it up with towel so that it properly reaches the scalp.

Shampoo and Conditioner – Although there are many products available to make your hair instantly shiner and bouncier, you must be careful about choosing one. It is always better to choose a mild shampoo and leave-in conditioner for great lustrous hair.

Avoid Hot Water – Hot water can actually dry out our hair and make it appear dull. Ensure you finish of the process of shampooing and conditioning only with normal or cool water so that it closes the cuticle.

Hair Serum – Off late hair serum have gained much popularity as it helps to control frizzy and uneven hair. Apply hair serum on wet hair mainly at the bottom of hair and little on the upper part. It will not only add shine to your hair but will also moisturize as the same time.

Sun Protection – Let your hair dry naturally after shower; rubbing the towel on scalp will lead to more damage. Make sure you never step out to sun without wrapping up your hair as sun take away natural shine of hair.

Hydrate Body – You will feel more confident when your hair is luscious from within and for that you require hydrating our body from within. Normal 8-10 glass of water a day will hydrate body and moisturize your hair from inside.

Healthy Eating Habit – Any hair care regime is of no use if you are not into healthy eating habit. Proper nutritious food comprising, protein, Vitamin A and E along with fiber will make your hair shiner and healthier in long terms.

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