6 Tricks To Stop & Control Hair Loss

August 27, 2014

Hair loss is known to be an embarrassing problem not only for women but even men, especially if they are in their twenties to thirties.

Here are the 6 tips that help you control Hair Loss!

1. Keep off the Salt:

If your diet contains salt or even fats, then the chances of hair loss aggravating will be higher. This is mainly because the functioning of the kidneys gets compromised and due to the blood becomes more acidic. This acidity of the blood can create a lot of problems as hair follicles need healthy blood to thrive and acidity leads to their weakening and this consecutively leads to hair loss.

2. Have more Vitamins:

Vitamin deficiency is another leading cause of hair loss among young men and women today. Do consult a medical expert or dietitian if you suspect vitamin deficiency. They can prescribe some good supplements for you and also suggest dietary improvements.

3. Lead a stress-free Lifestyle:

In present times, stress is perhaps the main reason for growing hair loss problems among the youth. Stress leads to erratic lifestyles, improper eating habits and even lack of sleep. In short, your health suffers and this eventually leads to hair loss which at times can even be permanent. Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising can work wonders not only for your hair but also for your life as a whole.

4. Use Medically Certified Birth Control:

Now this one is especially for women. Pregnancy control pills are known to lead to severe hormonal and genetic changes and this leads to thinning of the hair on the scalp and eventually hair loss. Moreover, these pills can also have other drastic effects on your overall health. The best solution to this is to consult a sexologist or gynaecologist for advice on birth control and overall health.

5. Ditch the Stylist:

Hair-stylists today are known to say half-truths and white lies. Most of them are just looking to make more money by advising unnecessary and potentially dangerous treatments and styling. Consult only reputed stylists and also check their credentials before undergoing anything.

6. Use Natural Hair Products:

Many hair products today contain harmful chemicals and are known to cause major damage to sensitive hair follicles. As an alternative, you can either use natural ingredients or use products that are made from natural ingredients.

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