5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Acne

May 6, 2015

5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Acne!

Since times immemorial, clear and  beautiful skin has been a treasured dream for people – men & women alike. But, good skin needs a lot of hardwork as it requires a lot of commitment from one’s side! One of the major skin problems that we face is  ACNE. But be sure that it is not very tough to deal with. We generally fail to understand that acne can be caused by various reasons for different persons. An overall care of the body, healthy eating habits and stress-free life can act as a catalyst to fight acne. Following are 5 things which you could to avoid acne:

Care for your Hair –Avoid using oils, fragrances or gels on the hair. They may get on the face, block skin pores and cause skin irritation. Oily hair can add oil on face. Shampoo your hair regularly.

Moisturize Your Skin – If you are using an acne product then make sure you use a moisturizer as well because acne products contain drying agents and moisturizer would reduce dryness and skin peeling. Here is a tip for you, make sure the product you buy is ‘non-comedogenic’ i.e. non-acne causing.

Keep off sun –General acne medicines make the skin sensitive to sunlight. The harmful radiation increases the redness and inflammation. Use protective clothing and apply sunscreen to avoid direct sun exposure.

Shave Carefully–In case you already have acne, careless and hasty shaving will cause the infection to spread. Use of electric and safety razors with sharp blades is considered safer. The skin should be softened by soap and water before applying the shaving cream. Shaving lightly and whenever required is also advisable.

Apply makeup sparingly – Choose makeup that is oil-free and natural. Wash the makeup off at the end of the day. Avoid wearing foundation, blush, or powder during breakout.Again, look for skin-friendly product with ‘non-comedogenic’ label while buying products as they shouldn’t clog the pores.

Since there is no miracle product available, we should take some extra care of our skin. We should avoid touching our skin where we have acne. Be happy, exercise regularly, follow the above mentioned steps and acne will not follow you.


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