20 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Hair

May 21, 2015

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20 Crazy Facts!!

Did you know that Gender cannot be determined using a hair strand? So here is a list of 20 mind boggling facts which you didn’t know about hair:

Each strand of our hair is stronger than a copper wire of similar diameter.

  1. Hair is considered to be the most common type of forensic evidence
  2. Human race and ethnic can be determined by using hair cross-section
  3. Hair is the 2nd fastest growing tissue in our body, 1st being bone marrow
  4. Beard can grow up to 30 feet if not shaved in a life time
  5. By the age of 50, about half of the males have male-pattern baldness
  6. Hair grows about 1.25 cm per month i.e. 15 cm per month
  7. The anticipation of sex makes hair grow faster
  8. Red hair is the rarest hair shade and black is the most common one
  9. A temporary Hair Loss can be cause by crash dieting
  10. Most drugs cause hair loss due to the chemicals present in them
  11. Majority of men dying due to cardiac arrest are bald
  12. Wearing cap or hat and baldness are in no way related
  13. 60% of men can’t spot a hair transplant
  14. On an average a girl spend 1 hour and 53 minutes on washing, blow drying and styling their hair
  15. Majority of top level men in an organization or company are bald
  16. Hair grows slower during winter season. The reason being dry weather and less intake of fruits and vegetables
  17. Our hair contain traces of gold along with 13 other elements
  18. 40-150 strands of hair shed every day for a normal person
  19. There is one 2 types of hair: pigmented and white. Nothing called grey hair existed. When a white hair grows next to a pigmented hair it appears greyish

Hope these facts provided you insights about your hair. Good hair adds beauty to the personality. As told by Iris Apfel  your hair done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.

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