10 Signs That You Need A Hair Treatment!

May 27, 2015

Regardless of age and gender, everybody today is facing some hair problem or other. Day to day pollution, stress, ageing, climate, sun exposure and heredity are some of the major factors preventing long and strong hair. But hair being the most important aspect of beauty it becomes necessary to take required steps to cure hair issues. While many hair fall and loss problems can be sorted out with proper diet and care, you will need hair treatment for serious hair issues. Here are following 10 signs that you need a hair treatment.
10 Signs that you need a hair treatment
Hair Fall – Usually it is ok to shed 50 to 100 strands of hair a day, as after few days new hair grow out of same follicle. But if you tend to notice more or major hair fall suddenly then your hair needs hair fall treatment.
Dandruff – Dandruff is a common condition distinguished by itchy and flaky scalp which generally causes embarrassment to people. Overproduction and build-up of dead-skin cell on scalp is known as dandruff. Timely treatment and balanced diet can solve dandruff issues.

Spilt Ends – Hair spilling at the bottom of hair is commonly known as spilt ends. Over styling, chemicals usage or physical trauma may lead to spilt ends. While it can easily be treated by chopping your hair occasionally, you might need treatment for heavy spilt ends.

Grey Hair – While grey hair is commonly associated to ageing factor, many people face grey hair problem at a young age. Lack of protein, stress and heredity can cause grey hair at early age as well. While hair color can solve the issue temporarily; you might need treatment for permanent solution.

Dry scalp – Your scalp get dry due to lack of oil and nourishment. Most of the styling methods are not effective if you have dry scalp. Dry scalp can be treated by well moisturised shampoo and conditioner.

Dull Hair – Dull hair is generally represented to dry and lifeless hair. Dull hair has no shine and is also hard to style. Frequent styling and stress are major cause for dull hair. Well-balanced diet suggested by nutritionist may solve the issue.

Brittle hair – Brittle hair are associated to damage hair, which happens anywhere around the head. Straightening, colouring, perming etc can leave your hair brittle and unmanaged that requires timely treatment.

Oily hair – Oily hair is a condition called seborrhoea, which occurs when hair glands produce too much oil. Such hair looks dirty and lifeless, and is also difficult to manage.

Thin hair – Thin hair is a problem of more than 40 percent of women around the world. Genetics and hormones may cause hair thinning, but proper treatment can make your hair strong and healthy.

Pattern baldness such as round bald patches developed anywhere around the head is commonly known as Alopecia areata. It can affect all age group people and causes complete baldness if not treated timely.

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