10 Common Mistakes People With Acne Make!

June 8, 2015

Acne is an ugly skin disease often described by inflammation in the skin popping out in form of pimple or zit. This condition is common around world especially among teenagers and most people have it at least once in a lifetime. It generally creates panic among people and in the urge to cure acne many go wrong in handling this situation. There can be various causes for acne including hormones, birth control pills, skin bacteria, poor diet, sun tan, uneven menstrual cycle and so on. However before treating acne, there are some common mistakes people need to avoid when acne appear.

10 Common mistake people with Acne make

Applying Too Many Products – Too clear acne fast people generally try out too many products available in the market. Sometimes one product over other can cause irritation leaving it to more serious condition.

Washing Face Too Often – People with acne wash their face too often as they believe it is caused by dirt and poor hygiene. Over washing will only take of natural oil from your skin making it dry.

Picking Pimples – This is the most common mistake people with acne make. Squeezing and picking pimple with nails can only cause further infection, spreading acne and horrible scarring.

Stopping Treatment Midway – People don’t understand that skin requires time to react to the treatment, which can take about 6 weeks to cure. Getting frustrated and stopping the treatment midway can worsen the situation.

Avoiding Doctor’s Instructions – People with acne are generally happy using prescribed mediation but forget other instructions given by doctors like wearing sunscreen or changing eating habits.

No Post Clearance Follow-up – Once the acne is clear, they tend to avoid post clearance follow-up which is equally necessary to avoid future acne issues.

Avoiding Skin-Care Regime – People only concentrate on clearing acne and avoid regular skin care regime of cleansing, toning, moisturising, sunscreen and scrubbing, which can lead other problem like tanning and pigmentation.

Continuing Junk Food – Junk food is not good for skin, body and overall health. Although moderate amount of oily food, chocolates and junk may not have affect on acne, yet healthy food will keep your skin happy.

Getting Depressed – Teenagers generally get depressed about the situation and lock them up in a room. Just by following doctor’s instruction acne can be cured and prevented, nothing to get depressed about!

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