• Aqui Plus Cream

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Product Description

Description: For Acne (Pimples) & Blackheads

Weight: 25 g

Type of Use: For external use only

Ingredients: Thuja Occ. 1%, Berberis Aqui 1%, Calendula Off. 1%, Ledum Pal 1%, Hydrastis Can 1%, Curcuma 1%, Cream base Q.S.

Use:  Acne (Pimples), COMEDONES (Blackheads), Pitting and Scarring on face, Pruritus, Unhealthy Skin.

Direction of use: Wash with water and mild soap & mop dry. Rub Aqui Plus Cream on the skin with circular motion of fingertips, Leave overnight.

Other Ingredients: NO

Store: Store in a cool & dry place, protect from direct sunlight,  do not freeze.

Weight: 25 g