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5 Top Myths About Hair Transplantation


September 2019

5 Top Myths About Hair Transplantation

By: 5 Top Myths About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation presents a proven and affordable solution to all kinds of hair loss problems. However, as the technology is still relatively new, there are some myths prevalent about it. Because of these, people are not able to approach a transplant with confidence, and consequently, miss out on the amazing benefits of enjoying a graceful hairline. So I thought this time I’ll talk about the top myths related to this, and bust them!

Ready to get started? Here we go:

The maintenance is too high: 

In fact, nothing could be farther than the truth. Transplanted hair fit as well as natural ones, allowing you to do washing, coloring and styling as you would with 100% natural hair.

Transplanted hair can be easily told apart:

 Wrong again! I can understand where this sentiment comes from; we’ve all seen old movies where people wore wigs that were screaming and fake all the time. This is NOT the case with hair that is transplanted. Such hair looks perfectly natural, as if you’ve had it since birth. See somephotos of peoplewho’ve undergone the treatment to believe it!

The results are instant: 

Much as we’d all love to see instant results, the truth is that only slow, natural results are long-lasting. Same is the case with transplants. Somewhere around 30 days after surgery, it is common to expect the transplanted hair to fall, form which germinates the new hair strand. It will take a few weeks to make you believe that the treatment is working, while the full results will become visible only in a few months. Typically, it can take up to a year for the hair to grow.

Larger grafts are better: 

There is no credence to the theory that larger grafts give more density that smaller ones. What matters is the number of strands per unit area, a higher value of which results in higher density. That said, you should leave it to the experts to calculate how best to approach the process of grafting.

Transplant at young age is better: 

In fact, the very opposite happens to be true! That’s because for young people, the process of balding has just started and still not clear. That means in the years to come, as more hair falls, a gap will be created between grafted and natural hair as an unpleasant sight, to say the least! In older people (say, those who have crossed 30), the pattern of balding has matured completely, and a more effective grafting can be done. That doesn’t mean, though, that grafting can’t be in young age. It should be if the case demands it.

I’d like to repeat that hair transplantation is similar to the natural process of hair growth. As new strands are planted in the scalp, they fall off, leaving behind the root to germinate into the follicle. After this, the process is just like nature intended it to be, and your hair is as attractive and convenient as you ever wanted it to be!

Hair transplantation is surrounded by many myths today. The best way to deal with your fears is to read up on the procedure and convince yourself that it works. We bring you the biggest myths and why you shouldn’t listen to them.

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