Hair Transplant in Jorhat

Hair loss problem has nowadays become one of the common problems, dealt by a lot of people. Due to the changing atmosphere, and the amount of huge pollution existing in the air, it has become next to impossible for everyone to take care of their health as well as their precious hair. We all want to restore those amazing days of our youth, by having a good and silky hair, which plays an important role in locking our days of youth, forever.

Along with the continuous development of technology, it has become easier for you to deal with this stubborn problem of hair. In order to have a positive result out of the treatment, there is a need for you to look out for a clinic, which is going to provide you with the affordable Hair Transplant Cost in India. But one thing, you should always keep in mind is that, cheap options are not always good to go for, as you can also have a nightmarish experience, at the time of the treatment.

At Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic, a patient can gladly ask for the list of a few patients, who has experienced a positive result after finishing the whole treatment of hair transplantation from the clinic. The best hair restoration doctors will be glad to give you the contact information from a number of satisfied patients.


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The city of Jorhat is a major urban center of the state of Assam, situated in India. The city was the first place of the upper and central Assam, where electricity came into existence, in the year of 1923. The first aeroplane on north-eastern soil was landed in Jorhat in 1928. Today, the city is considered as one of the rapidly developing cities, also known as the major Business and Commercial hubs of North-East India.

Jorhat is and has been a vibrant place and is a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. The healthy and cultural life of Jorhat, can easily be reflected by the six established daily newspapers of the city. The main items of export of the city are- Tea, Jute, Forest Products, Oil, Packaged Food etc. Jorhat City is the only city in upper Assam to have Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) service.