Hair Transplant in Dhanbad

Hair Transplantation is one of the major and most important achievements of the last century, by medical science. Due to the growing pollution in the air, and many other reasons, a lot people have been found, suffering from an untimely Hair Loss. Sometimes, the taunting remarks of your family and friends, regarding the hair related problem you are having, has the ability of making your life miserable.

But along with the advancement in the field of science and technology it has become much easier for the people to give a strong fight to this problem of hair. Before going for the Hair Loss Treatment in a clinic, try to gather some more information about the clinic. Like, the surgeons appointed in the clinic are reliable enough or not, in operating the Treatment for Hair Loss. Find out the experiences of the surgeons, who have been working in the field.

At Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic, all the clients are provided with a world class treatment, by using some of the latest treatments like FUT and FUE with advanced technology and they also use the latest USFDA approved instruments and techniques. As a clinic which doesn’t have any infrastructure of providing modern treatment, should not be your choice, because there is a chance of getting a negative result.

Dhanbad is one of the prosperous city in the state of Jharkhand having lots of medical & treatment facility specially for the Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Transplant. As it is very close to the mining area, people mostly suffered from hair & Skin related problem. So, Dr.Paul is here to provide the best service for the people of Dhanbad. Here one of the best clinic for skin & hair solutions like Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Baldness, Alopecia and Hair Transplant can be avail at Dr.Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solution Clinic in Dhanbad. They have the best & modern equipment’s for safe & painless Hair Transplant in Dhanbad.

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Dhanbad is the second most populated city, in the district of Jharkhand. The city is well known for its coal mines, because of having some of the largest mines of India, and thus the city is called, “The Coal Capital of India”. Tata SteelBharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL)Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) and Indian Iron And Steel Company (IISCO) are some of the companies who operate coal mines in the district.

Cricket is the most popular sports in the city, only after football. Bharat Coking Coal Limited - BCCL is a Public Sector engaged in mining of coal and allied activities. BCCL meets almost 50% of the total prime coking coal requirement of the integrated steel sector. BCCL was incorporated in January 1972. The city of Dhanbad, has been originated from the district of Manbhum, occupied by Mundari races  in the wilderness of South undivided Bihar.



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HGA FUE Hair Transplant



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