Hair Transplant in Bhubaneshwar

The problem of hair loss and baldness has compelled patients to opt for viable surgical cosmetic procedures like that of hair transplantation. In this procedure, the surgeon takes out hair follicles from the donor site and implants them on the recipient site or the balding area. The back of the scalp is regarded as the best donor site as it is DHT resistant and hair taken from it grows naturally for the rest of the lives. The results of the treatment is effective, permanent and the implanted hair blends perfectly with the existing hair.

While selecting the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Bhubaneshwar, the patients must keep in mind a few factors like free in-depth consultation by taking into account the (family history of hair loss, medical history of the patient, personal data, latest technologies) expert surgeons, cutting-edge equipment, pre and post operation care, customer feedback etc. Patient should also bear in mind the Hair Transplant Cost in India. This depends on the number of hair grafts to be implanted, degree of baldness in a patient, techniques used in the cosmetic surgery etc.

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Bhubaneshwar is the capital city of Orissa which replaced Cuttack in the year 1948. It is an ancient city spanning over 3,000 years starting with the Mahamegha-bahana Chedi dynasty (around the 2nd century BCE) which had its capital at Sisupalgarh. The city has tremendous economic and religious significance.

The city of Bhubaneshwar is a rich tourist destination with prolific Hindu temples depicting Kalinga architecture. It is also known as the Temple City of India with Puri and Konark in the surrounding, it forms the Swarna Tribhuja, Being one of the fastest growing cities of India, it has a population of 1.7 million according to the census of 2011. The modern city was designed by the German architect Otto Königsberger in the year 1946.

The city is steeped in history with the Kalinga War taking place here. The Buddhist temples depict the places around Bhubaneswar in the first two centuries BCE. One of the most complete edicts of the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka, dating from between 272–236 BCE, remains engraved in rock 8 kilometres (5.0mi) situated in the southwest of the modern city.

Bhubaneswar has great importance for tourism, administration, sports, schools, colleges and medical facilities. There has a lots of medical treatment facility specially for the Hair Fall TreatmentHair Loss Treatment, Alopecia Treatment and Hair Transplantation.

In Bhubaneshwar the best place to cure the Skin & Hair related problems like Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Baldness, Alopecia and Hair Transplant is Dr.Paul's Advanced Skin & Hair Solution Clinic. They have the best qualified doctors & modern equipment's for safe & painless Hair Transplant in Bhubaneshwar.



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HGA FUE Hair Transplant



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