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The warm days of summer, has already knocked our doors. So, it is the high time for us to take very good care of our skin. When you are stepping out of your house, you could literally feel the heat, which is almost burning your skin. Besides dehydrating your body, it can also cause tanning, pigmentation, early sig... Read more

Reasons for Hyper Pigmentation! By definition: Hyper pigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails which is caused by increased melanin secretion. Hyper pigmentation is very common of late. The following content explains the five main causes for hyper pigmentation. Over exposure to sun:Read more
tan_tanning_remedies_skin_care Easy Ways To Remove Skin Tan! Are you the one to get tanned after 5 minutes in the sun? Are you tired of using creams over creams to protect your skin from sun? Fight your tan the natural way! Here are... Read more
Your skin guide at your 30's!

While 30 is a satisfying age for most women who by now have perfect balanced life, this is also an alarming age for skin, hair and body. You will often see unanticipated changes in your skin, hair and body due to various reasons su... Read more

vitamin-c-healthy-food-tomato-food-milk-cheese Benefits of Vitamin C

Getting perfect glowing skin has never been easy; in fact it take... Read more

food_healthy_food_glowing_skin_milk_cheese_ Your way to a glowing skin!

To look healthy, beautiful and fresh always, all you need is a glowing Read more

Skin is asking for care this summer!

Maintaining skin health seems like a difficult and time consuming task especially during summer season. Burning summer can do a lot of damage to skin apart from tan or dark. But many in the quest of protecting skin in summer end... Read more

Results Of The Skin Treatment Offered In Dr. Paul's Clinic, Kolkata.

Here is a testament to our work. Ms. Payal Saha came into our clinic in Kolkata distressed by the pigmentation patches under her eyes and Read more