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The scorching heat of summer days can only come to an end with the amazing showers of blessings, brought to us by the monsoon days. This beautiful time of the year is marked by the amazing beauty of nature, when the nature is adorned with various flowers and a mesmerizing smell of the wet earth. But wait, along wi... Read more

The hot days of summer is round the corner in order to start a new inning. So, it is the high time for us to get ready to give a strong fight to the scorching heat of the sun. This season is a bit different from the rest. Although it is the time for spending the weekends at the beach or being a part of that backya... Read more

Holi the festival of colors and a harbinger of Spring. It is time for celebration and fun. The vibrant colors and the carnival spirit is enough to add to the aura and pull the feel to epitome. Its all about playing with colors, water guns, water filled balloons. Along with celebration during this festival, safety ... Read more

Feeling cold? Winter has arrived. Now, your skin will become dry. You can’t stop it just by wearing sweaters and gloves. You need some extra TLC. We have assembled some quick pointers. Just check out.

  • Moisturize immediately after a shower 
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You cannot defy the aging process, but you can certainly avoid looking old. Here’s how you can do it without spending much money on your skin care routine.

Clean your face regularly: Clean your face twice daily with a gentle face wash and a face cleansing brush... Read more