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A healthy diet is equal to healthy hair. Every time, we eat foods, we either harm our hair or nourish it. It’s completely our choice whether we eat the food we’re craving for an hour or get the hair... Read more

Whether you've lustrous long locks or a trendy bob cut, you definitely love your hair. Today, most of the people face hair challenges- sometimes it comes as unruly curls and sometimes as weird cowlicks. But, you should know when a problem arises, there must be a solution. While hunting for the solution, you have t... Read more

In the 21st century, we believe from the core of our heart that Dressing is a way of life. Hence, we pay utmost attention while styling our hair, putting on a dress, wearing the shoes and the makeup. But, while doing so, most of the times, we forget the damage that the hair-styling products cause to our... Read more

Everyone wants to have long shiny and smooth hair. But what is the solution? How can one get glossy hair? Here are 10 tips for smooth glossy hair: Coconut oil: Coconut oil contains large amount of vitamin E and vitamin K. It is widely used in many parts of the world. Coconut oil protects the hair from hair damage and hair loss... Read more

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  5 Tips to Maintain Your Hair This Summer!

Although summer is exciting for various reasons, it does sometime cause bad hair days due to heat and humidity. Whether you have curly, straight, coily or wavy hair - this season is harmful for all hair type. Hair fall, dull hair, frizzy hair and lack of shine a... Read more

Do you wash your hair in the right manner?

Hair washing may seem like an easy task as we do it on regular basis, but are you washing your hair in the right manner? Many people do it the wrong way, leading to hair fall, dry scalp and other hair issues. Even those ex... Read more

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