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Till date, I have seen many who smoke but are not bald. In fact, most of the friends in my circle also smoke and none of them is bald. Then, why some say, ‘Smoking causes hair loss’? Is it only a myth or a fact?

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laser_treatment_hair_removal_care_skin_legs Laser Hair Removal Treatment After Care!

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Hair Fall Treatment at Dr.Paul's Hair Fall is something which many people experience. Here is a success story of our patient Mr. Bishnoi. As per the appointment Mr. Bishnoi came to Dr.Paul's, He had an hour-long session with our specialist where he was asked details regardin... Read more


Hair Fall Treatment At Dr. Paul's Bishwa Das's wife, who had a successful acne treatment with us came with her husband to Dr. Paul's for hairfall treatment. Mr. Bishwa Das was led to the consultation room where our experts examined him and as a part of examination, the patt... Read more
Advantages of Hair Transplantation - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

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 Success Stories at Dr. Paul's - Hair Treatment

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5 Factors That Harm Your Hair

Top 5 factors that harm your hair.

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