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If you are looking forward to having certain beneficial treatments for evading Alopecia, you are absolutely at the correct place. In fact, Alopecia, a commonly uttered term in the recent days, right? A great many people have been suffering from this distressing issue and if you are also among them, you need to rea... Read more

The ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood- Akshay Kumar has discovered the fountain of youth. Since his appearance in the first movie, Saugandh in 1991, he is known in the Bollywood industry for his chiselled looks and fitness. Unlike many other Bollywood celebs, ageing couldn't touch him. In fact, he believes that ‘ageing has a... Read more

A strong and healthy hair is essential not only to add beauty but also to protect the upper head from direct with the hot sunlight. The following content gives an overview of certain tips that need to be followed to have a healthy hair. 1. OIL MASSAGE Massaging is a natural and healthy way of keeping your hair strong and a... Read more