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Success Story- Alopecia

Hair Fall Treatment At Dr. Paul's Are you worried about your hair fall? Don’t be! Here is a success story of our patient Mrs. Arunima Mukherjee. Mrs. Arunima walked into Dr. Paul’s and was attended by specialists at Dr.Paul’s. As her appointment was already fixed she wa... Read more

Success Story-Alopecia

hair fall Hair Fall Treatment at Dr. Paul's Here is another success story of our Alopecia treatment of our patient Mr. Debendra Banerjee. We received a call at Dr. Pa... Read more

Success Story-Alopecia

Hair Fall Success Story At Dr. Paul's

An inquisitive Binoy walked in to the clinic making this statement, “Is there a remedy for Alopecia? I have Alopecia!" Specialist at Dr.Paul’s attended to his needs, educated Binoy about Read more

5 types Of Alopecia Areata

5 types of alopecia areata It is an erratic form of hair loss that affects about 2-4% of the total human population but people affected by it are known to feel quite embarrassed about it. While researchers and medical experts and constantly working towards possible solutions and there have been major breakthroughs in research too, there is st... Read more