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Acne Treatment at Dr.Paul's As per the appointment fixed Ms. Sheila visited Dr.Paul's for her acne treatment. As soon as she entered the staff at Dr.Paul's greeted her and showed her way to the specialist's clinic. The specialist enquired about the duration of acne, her ea... Read more

Success Story- Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment At Dr.Paul's Mrs. Bimla walked into Dr.Paul’s on a pleasant morning for her acne treatment. The specialist at Dr.Paul’s received her and directed her to the concerned specialist.   Mrs. Bimla briefed about herRead more

Success Story: Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment At Dr. Paul's Ms. Reshma walked into Dr. Paul’s on a pleasant morning for her acne treatment. The specialist at Dr. Paul’s greeted her and directed her to the consultation room. Ms. Reshma poured out w... Read more


Here is another success story of Acne treatment at Dr. Paul's. Acne Treatment At Dr. Paul's Ms. Krupa visited Dr. Paul’s about 6 months back when her acne was at it’s worse. She walked into Dr.Paul’s saying she wants to get treated from the best doctor. We assured... Read more

Success Story-Acne

Success Story Of Acne At Dr.Paul's We bring to you one more testament of our client Ms.Arunima. On a Monday morning, Ms. Arunima Das walked into Dr. Paul’s clinic fed up with her acne problems! Ms. Das was received & directed to our Specialist. An hour long session of b... Read more

Most medical experts and doctors relate acne, especially adult acne, to hormonal imbalances and other related reasons. This article will attempt to understand the causes and remedies for adult acne and how it can be possibly prevented too.

A lot of ... Read more

Worried about acne scars

Do you provide treatment for Acne Scar?

Of course we do have the best treatment procedures and equipment's to treat Acne Scars .

How much is the cost?

Sir/ Madam Acne... Read more
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Do you provide Treatment for Acne?

Of course we do have the best acne treatment procedures which range from oral medications, medicated chemical peeling and of course the use of modern equipment's and technology.

How much Acne Treatment cost?

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Best method to get rid of Acne One of the biggest complaints among teenagers is that of Acne. Red spots form easily on the face, not responding to common medication. And those who do manage to conquer acne are left with scars bad enough to throw their social life out of order. If you too are affected by acne... Read more