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Yellow Peels

What are yellow peels?

Yellow peels can create wonder on the patchy skin, which is created due to sun exposure. The peels can work better on the different layers on skin and these are regarded as the latest way of eradicating blemishes and the signs of ageing that incorporate wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

Skin lesions, sun-damaged skin, pigmentation, melasma, tanning and many other skin disorders can be treated with great care with the yellow peels, which are the combination of retinaldehyde and several skin lighteners including Vitamin C, Phytic Acid, Kojic Acid and Azelaic Acid.

How do the peels work?

Yellow peels work gradually that is dependent on the number of layers applied. The treatments start reacting only after a short time gap. However, beforehand, the technician apply an antibacterial and antigreasing agent to eradicate the surplus oil from the area. After that, the concerned dermatologist apply the yellow peel, which needs to be removed after a certain time as advised by the doctor. Generally 5-10 minutes is required for the peels to get applied and after 2-8 hours it should be washed off by the patients.

What are the post treatment care?

Sun-block creams are essential after the completion of the treatment and besides, all the suggestions, advised by the doctor, must be maintained properly. Dermatologist may also ask for applying a moisturiser. Well, no restriction is there on the normal or regular activities. Peeling should never be followed by bleaching, waxing or scrubbing. However, huge time is not necessitated for witnessing the outcome and there lies the advantageous aspects of the yellow peels.

Thus, one can fetch out perfect glory without experiencing much hassle.