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Botox Treatment

What is Botox?

Botox is a common term used in the contemporary medical field throughout the world. Botox is the purified drug formulated from a neurotoxin protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and related species. There are two main types of the same that incorporate botulinum toxin type A and botulinum toxin type B.

Botox injections are used for treating numerous medical conditions. But, after taking proper suggestions from the concerned doctor, people should opt for such treatment.

Benefits of Botox:

As mentioned previously, there are several medical conditions that can be treated with the aid of Botox injections. The medical situations handled with Botox are as follows:

  • Cervical dystonia (severe spasms in the neck muscles)
  • Muscle spasms or stiffness
  • Upper limbs (elbows, wrists, fingers) or lower limbs (ankles, toes)
  • Severe underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis
  • Eye muscle condition occurred by nerve disorders
  • Uncontrolled blinking or spasm of the eyelids

Besides, it is utilized for cosmetic purpose and hence, its efficacy revolves aroud eradicating the signs of ageing. Wrinkles and fine lines can easily be removed with botox. Temporary lessening of wrinkles may help the patients to come out with attractive appearance.

How does botox work?

Generally, the drug plays crucial role in fetching out the allurement by paralysing or weakening some muscles or blocking some nerves. Generally, the effect of the injections last for three to twelve months.

Though the outcome is extremely advantageous, people should not go for this treatment if suffering from some severe diseases. In addition, pregnant women must evade this.

All these clearly indicate that the treatment is needful enough but a prior consultation is mandatory in that case. Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic would be the ideal option in that instance. Expert and skilled experts are there to take care of the complete procedure.