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Anti Ageing

Ageing thins the outer layer of the skin or the epidermis even though the number of cell layers remains unchanged. The number of melanocytes decreases, but the remaining melanocytes increase in size. Ageing skin, thus, appears thinner and more translucent. Age spots or liver spots may appear in sun-exposed areas. Changes in the connective tissue reduce the strength and elasticity of the skin. This is known as elastosis and is especially presented in sun-exposed areas.

Causes of Ageing:

The loss of the repairing potentiality of DNA and the inability of the body cells to grow after a certain age lead to ageing. This is considered as one of the most possible causes of ageing. Long-term exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun, deficiency of antioxidants, stress, metabolic disorders, and other environmental toxins accelerate the ageing process.

Anti-Ageing Treatment At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic:

We at Dr. Paul’s clinic provide the following anti-ageing treatments:

Chemical Peels: With the use of chemical peels that contain a chemical agent, we exfoliate the sun-damaged skin while stimulating the production of collagen for tough skin. They smoothen the skin and make the skin look younger.

Two types of peels are used by our medical professionals and these incorporate the black peels and the yellow peels. The former ones are optimal for treating all sorts of acne at any age and the latter ones play unique role in case of hyper pigmentation. Moreover, the doctors will suggest which one is going to be used in case of an individual after analysing the complete problem.

Laser toning: This process, as its name suggests, tones and lightens the skin. It also reduces the wrinkles and the fine lines. This laser skin toning and surfacing provides more dramatic results.

Photo rejuvenation: To perform this treatment effectively, we use lasers of specific wavelengths. It is a kind of photo facial, which is done to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin. Apart from it, it also triggers the formation of the new collagen and reduces the fine wrinkles. It lightens the skin and reverses the ageing process caused due to the long-term sun exposure.

Fillers: Here, we make use of a specialized injection, which is filled with hyaluronic gel to restore the lost volume of the face as well as to re-contour the face. The specialized injections relax the muscle and proffer outstanding result in less than 30 minutes. Thin lips, sagging hands, jawline, cheeks can be treated with great care with this effective treatment.

Thread: Special threads are also used by our adept team members for providing a great shape or contour to the eyebrows. Thus, perfect arch is offered to the brows of the clients. Besides, threading can be applicable for removing the unwanted facial hair that includes the areas like upper lip, forehead, etc. This is a temporary solution for eradicating the undesired hair and that too from the root. Customers need to visit the clinic at a certain interval each time the hair starts to grow again. This is regarded as the most inexpensive way to keep oneself away from the unwanted facial hair.

The above-mentioned services and the technologies that we use are most effective to lower the age of your skin. You can consider it not only as an anti-ageing treatment, but also as a beauty enhancing therapy. These therapies work from deep within to tighten your sagging skin and fill the wrinkles to give you a natural young look that is everlasting.