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Hair Transplants

Client’s Profile

Indira Mukherjee, 55 years old

Indira Mukherjee was experiencing hair loss in her scalp area for several months. At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, we, at first, diagnosed the cause of her rapid hair loss and arrived at the conclusion that it was inherited genetically.

We then calculated the number of grafts required to cover her bald patches. She had bald patches mainly at the mid-scalp area. We perform blood test and ECG prior to the hair transplantation.


At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, we schedule the appointment at least 8-10 days beforehand. We prescribed certain medicines to Indira Mukherjee and instructed her to apply a medicated shampoo 3 days before the surgery. She visited our clinic on 10th November, 2014. We started the process by analyzing her donor hair. She was then taken to the OT and we numbed the donor site through local anesthesia. As per our instruction, she laid down in such a manner that we can easily harvest the hair follicles from the back side of her scalp.

After completing the harvesting, we asked her to take a break for having breakfast. Within just 4 hours, we completed the hair transplant surgery at the mid-scalp area. We implanted 1500 grafts on the recipient site. The entire hair transplantation was done within just 3 sessions and the duration of each session was 5 hours.


After 7 months of FUE hair transplant i.e. on 10th June, 2015, her mid-scalp was full with hair. Moreover, as we have performed the FUE technique, the scars were also not visible. She was extremely happy with the result. She has told us that she would recommend our clinic to others who are suffering from the same problem of hair loss.