Don’t Hide Your Baldness and Regain Natural Hair with Easy EMI’s HGA-FUE Hair Transplant at Rs. 3933!

Today in the field of Hair Transplant, over the years it has improved and advanced with modern technology taking over the manual labour work. The introduction of latest technologies although have helped many to achieve their aesthetic desires and looks, but also due to its high cost has made many patients reluctant. To ease your pocket without burning a huge hole, Dr. Paul’s is extending their offer of #PhirieAnunPuronoDin to avail HGA-FUE Hair Transplant at Rs. 3933 with easy EMI options available in association with HDFC Bank. We understand the importance of having a head full of hair and how much hair loss can affect one’s emotional being. To provide relief emotionally and financially, we have came up with this #PhirieAnunPuronoDin Festive offer for those patients who are not able to pay the entire amount in single transaction. After all, festive season means spreading love and joy!

At Dr. Paul’s Clinic, we are helping people to fight back hair loss with our advanced hair transplant facilities. We have come up with NO STITCH, NO CUT Hair Transplant therapy which will help in hair growth that is 10 times thicker and stronger with our advanced HGA, Hair Growth Accelerator, for the first time in India. HGA ensures maximum hair growth, doubles hair density and provides support to hair follicles for 8 hours or more during transplantation.

Advantages Of Going With EMI For Hair Transplant

If you are seeking safe, effective and permanent cure for your hair loss without any cut or stitch, pain or scars, opt for Dr. Paul’s HGA FUE Hair Transplant at easy EMI facilities provided to you at Rs. 3933 only! The reasons why EMI facilities would be advantageous:

  • Flexible Schedules – Choosing EMI as payment option is has one prime advantage because it comes with flexible schedules of repayment. The interest rate and loan tenure all of it depends whichever is suitable for you.
  • Make Things Affordable – Everyone wants to lead a good life. At present, it has become very hard to get even the simplest things. Hair Transplant is one such which is out of reach for most. To ease out, EMI options with zero interest makes it affordable for people seeking permanent cure for their hair loss for which Dr. Paul’s has came up with this festive offer.
  • It Is Easy On Your Purse Strings – Either financing shopping or a surgery, makes things easier and perfect since it is easy on your wallet! If you choose EMI option, you don’t have to spend much out of your pocket and at the same time make changes in your lifestyle.

#PhirieAnunPuronoDin Festive Offer by Dr. Paul’s is a boon in disguise for our customers and people who are seeking hair transplant but can’t afford high-quality surgery. Reach out to avail this offer through Whatsapp at 92301 77777 or call us at our toll-free number 1800 419 8111.