Mission and Vision | Dr Paul's Advanced Hair & Skin Solution

Mission and Vision


Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Solution, a leading hair, skin, and cosmetic surgery brand has brought to you the complete solution to your hair and skin problems, no matter how aged or deep rooted they are. We take 360 degree modern day medical measures to fix your issues. Our hair and skin specialist team includes trained Meso doctors, Cosmetologists, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Trichologists, Gynecologists, and Board certified transplant surgeons to ensure the best in class treatment and care.

We have started our journey in 2007 from Kolkata as the pioneer in Meso treatment and now we have 22 state-of the –art clinics across Eastern India, Delhi and NCR. Our expert surgeons provide one-to one consultations and substantial aftercare during and after the treatment.

Customized service is an art which is performed flawlessly in our clinics. Walk in to the clinic with your present look and walk out with the look that you have always wanted. The shiny thick hair, effortless glow, radiant young skin, and the perfect body shape is now only a call away.


Our mission is to inspire hope and enhance the beauty of the people by providing the best care. Through the integrated practice of cosmetology and with the use of the cutting edge technologies, we stick to the highest professional standards, ethics, and individual responsibilities. The entire team with their long years of experience understands what is right for the patient and treats it accordingly.

Quality is the keyword at Dr. Paul’s clinic. The FDA approved technology and medicines are used to deliver the best possible care available worldwide. The company follows and practices ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 philosophy. We update the treatment methods continuously to serve you better.


We work with the vision to provide unparalleled service to the customers through our medical excellence. We want to exceed the expectations of the clients, and bring our experience, knowledge, and art to them and take them to the next level – all by tailoring their requirements.