Possess significant information related to Hair Transplant Surgery

Possess significant information related to Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Fall is a common and vital problem that people irrespective of their genders and ages have to suffer from. When, the matter becomes too complicated and severe, it may lead to baldness, which is unendurable.

Various options are obtainable for the annihilation of such intolerable problem. But, the best option is nothing but Hair Transplantation. If you are also suffering from this issue, you should definitely choose this for getting outstanding outcome. But, before everything else, you need to go through the details of the complete procedure to evade all possible hassles. All the essential factors are provided below. Just have a look at them and enhance your knowledge.

hair transplant surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery:

This surgical procedure is considered as the everlasting and best solution for concealing bald patches or total baldness. Hair Transplant Surgery involves extracting hair from the back (occipital) or sides of the scalp. The extracted hair gets implanted onto the bald zones, commonly known as recipient zone. The area, from where the hair gets extracted, is known as the donor zone or area.

Basically, nowadays, there are two distinct types of Hair Transplant and they include FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. To help you out, these two are discussed below.

  • FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation:

    This method is also identified as strip method as here a strip of tissue is removed from the back head of the patient. Donor hair is extracted from that tissue before it gets implanted onto the bald area. The extracted hair is implanted in the naturally occurring groups or units of 1 to 4 hairs, which is known as follicular units. Quite naturally, this process needs skilful handling.

  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction:

    FUE process is a stitch less process as every follicular unit is extracted individually with the aid of special needles (having diameter varying from 0.6 to1 mm). There is no requirement of knife or scalpel and hence, there is no need for getting stitched. This advanced procedure is done under local anaesthesia and there is no risk for getting scarred.

This is needless to mention that the FUE method is better than the FUT as numbers of edges are closely associated with this developed procedure.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery:

As mentioned before, the method offers numerous edges and Hair Transplant Reviews, from multiple customers, have clearly highlighted that positive trait f this process. These things can be summed up in the following manner:

  • FUE is a stitch less process, involving no scalpel or knife
  • This is also a pain less process
  • No scar will be visible on the donor zone
  • No major injury or wound would be created
  • It provides faster recovery
  • The process proffers completely natural look

Besides, the FUE operation is ideal for transplanting the non-scalp hair, which includes chest hair, beard, moustache, eyelashes and eyebrows.

However, Hair Transplant in India also suggests HGA to be combined with FUE for generating faster and better result. With the aid of HGA, hair doesn’t get damaged as the hair follicles are proffered complete support to sustain for longer time.

Perfect Candidate for Hair Transplantation:

Most of the people think that Hair Transplant Surgery is ideal and beneficial for the younger ones whereas according to the doctors, patients below 23 years should not undergo this procedure. They rather prefer the mature or elderly persons whose donor zone gets maturity or stability properly. Both men and women can be provided with the positive outcomes.

Does Hair Transplantation Hurt?

Well, you don’t have to be worried regarding the matter of pain as pain is very minimal in that case as worldwide the operation is done under providing local anaesthesia. Naturally, during the activity, no pain would be there and according to some people, very minor discomfort or pain can be felt for a couple of days after the completion of that surgery but that will vanish in almost no time.

Duration of Hair Transplant Process:

More than a sitting is required and that amount is dependent on the number of grafts to be implanted. Basically, each session requires 6-7 hours depending on the necessity of the patient. However, in FUT, the gap between two individual sessions may vary from 6 to 12 months whereas in case of FUE, sessions can be arranged even in the consecutive days. So, in the next case, you can plan it as your own.

Well, now comes to result. Generally, 8 moths is needed for the implanted hair to grow in traditional FUE but when, HGA gets combined with that, you can witness the result only within 4 to 6 months.

Cost of Hair Transplantation :

Well, Hair Transplant Cost is variable and it is dependent on so many factors incorporating the number of to-be transplanted hair grafts, the count of sessions or sittings, complete duration of the process. To wonder you, the location of the clinic and the reputation of the surgeon are also responsible for different costs.

To conclude, it can be mentioned that the process is utterly safe and secure as it has FDA clearance. To learn more on it, click on Hair Transplant Video posted by us. Hope, you can get to know about it precisely.

However, be wise or prudent while choosing your surgeon as a better and experienced surgeon will allow you to acquire the best result in this case. So, if you are in need of a trusted outcome, check out the credentials first.

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