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Hair Revival Therapy

The result of hair transplantation varies from one patient to another. It may not produce good results in some patients. It happens w... Read more

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Alopecia Areata (AA) is a common syndrome that is characterized by patchy loss of hair on the scalp and other body parts. It can affect men, women and even children. AA happens when many premature follicles enter the telogen or resting phase together. Probably, it’s the third most common type of hair loss after An... Read more

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HGA with FUE

Hair Growth Accelerator

Hair transplantation is the process of extracting hairs from the donor area and implanting it into the recipient site. We all know that hair transplanta... Read more

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Hair Transplantation

Client’s Profile

Indira Mukherjee, 55 years old

Indira Mukherjee had been experiencing hair loss on her scalp area for several months. At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, we, at first, diagnosed the cause of her rapid hair loss and arrive... Read more

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