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HGA with FUE

Hair Growth Accelerator

Hair transplantation is the process of extracting hairs from the donor area and implanting it into the recipient site. We all know that hair transplantation can be done mainly in two ways- FUT and FUE. Though the latter is the most advanced form of the treatment, yet it poses certain challenges. It has been found that even after using the FUE technique; all implanted grafts do not sprout hairs successfully. The main three reasons behind this insufficient growth are:

  • FUE is a time consuming procedure. So, the hair follicles that are extracted from the back side of the scalp get damaged or weak due to coming in contact with the foreign environment.
  • Insufficient supply of the nutrients through the blood circulation to the roots just after the surgery makes the hair weak and eventually the hairs fall out.
  • The delaying of the metabolism of the follicular cells.

To overcome these limitations, Dr. Paul and his team have combined FUE with Hair Growth Accelerator.

What’s the role of HGA in FUE?

HGA provides support to the hair follicles for 8 hours or more during FUE transplantation. Due to this, the follicles don’t get damaged easily and sustain for a long time. It also enables quick vascularization after the treatment. HGA speeds up the metabolism of the follicular cells in 3-4 days – critical for graft success.

Why should you choose it?

HGA is combined with FUE to give better result. So, you can enjoy the following advantages by opting for it from Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic:

  • All the implanted grafts will sprout the hairs to its full potential.
  • Hair regrows in just 4-6 months instead of 8 months in the general FUE method.
  • The treatment is value-driven but not costly. You can enjoy it at only Rs 40 per graft.
  • It ensures no shock hair loss of the implanted follicles.

Therefore, you can get so much without any extra cost. So, it’s definitely better to go for hair transplantation from our clinic only.