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Cost of hair transplantation in Kolkata

Process of hair transplant surgery in most of the Kolkata clinics

Hair transplantation provides permanent result and can effectively treat the hair loss issue irrespective of the cause. Since its inception, it has undergone much transformation, though the main part remains the same- i.e., transplanting hairs from the donor site to the recipient site.

Most of the clinics of Kolkata use the advanced form of the hair restoration surgery which is FUE. This is far superior to FUT as it leaves behind no scar on the patient’s scalp. Kolkata clinics are using this latest technique to give outstanding result to its clients. It is an efficient procedure in which the surgeons extract the hairs from the back side of the scalp and then implant those hair grafts into the balding spots.

The common causes of hair loss:

Among many reasons which contribute to hair loss, some are as follows:

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormones
  • Genes
  • Anemia
  • Heredity
  • Pollution

Anyone who is medically fit and has enough donor hairs can undergo the surgery.

Reasons to choose Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic for hair transplantation

Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic uses the cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the clients. It helps us to grow a strong client base all over India. Our experts not only have gained experience in providing outstanding result through hair transplantation but also can give you effective solution to solve your hair loss issues and to prevent the early baldness.

The Kolkata clinic has imbibed the finer nuances of the latest technology and incorporates them in his growing practice to provide better aesthetic and appealing results ensuring a natural look. We pay extreme attention to the hygiene and cleanliness while performing the surgery so as to ensure minimum or almost no infection. We use the techniques that most of the international clinics use. So, the people who have undergone hair transplantation from our clinic recommend our name in their circle. You should also choose us because of the following reasons:

  • More effective result than other hair transplantation clinics of Kolkata
  • Highly skilled and well-trained professionals
  • Safe and sure effectiveness with 98% successful surgeries
  • Results exceeds the clients’ expectations
  • Superior quality medicines which are approved by FDA.
  • The treatment regimens, safety standards, equipment, and the quality policies meet international standards.
  • In-depth research and development
  • Cyclical nutrition programme which is acclaimed and accredited globally
  • Use of those medicines which have no down-sides

Hair transplantation cost at Dr. Paul’s Kolkata clinic

We cannot deny the fact that hair transplantation is expensive way to get back the lost hair. But, its price is not fixed. Every clinic has its own price. However, at Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, you will be able to have the surgery at only Rs 40/- per graft. The graft requirement of every patient is different. It depends on the extent of the thinning area. So, we’re not telling you any exact price. On the basis of the number of the grafts implanted, the total price will be calculated. Moreover, if you undergo the surgery, you will get the facility of EMI. So, you don’t have to pay the entire money all at once, but you can pay it in installments. Therefore, enjoy the facilities of having wonderful results through hair transplantation and that too in an economic manner.

Hair transplantation story at Dr. Paul’s Kolkata clinic

Mita Banerjee, 27 years old, housewife, Type IV in Norwood scale

Mita Banerjee was losing her hairline when she visited my clinic in Kolkata last year. She was very frustrated with this issue. One of her friends had suggested our name. She just wanted to get back het lost hair at any cost.

We, at first, performed some medical tests to find out whether she is eligible for hair transplantation. When the reports showed that she is perfect for the surgery, we told her to come to us for the treatment on the appointed day.

She was punctual and reached the clinic just in time. Under local anesthesia, we carried out the entire FUE process in which we extracted her donor hair grafts one by one to implant them into the thinning area. As we use the FUE technique, there was almost no scar left on her scalp after the surgery. The entire procedure lasted for 4 hours during which we implanted 1700 grafts. We place every graft with precision by using the latest technology.

After 8 months, when she visited our clinic to show us the outcome of the surgery, we found that she had gained a natural looking hairline and her forehead didn’t resemble any playground any longer.

Hair restoration process that we adopt in our Kolkata clinic

Our Kolkata clinic since its journey from 2007 has delivered many successful results. But, now we have introduced some innovative treatments to speed up the hair growth process. Just check out what they are:

  • Hair DNA based personalized treatment: This treatment is introduced in India for the first time by us. We innovated it to know the cause of the hair loss in advance. This treatment enables us to understand which medicine will be effective to stop the shedding issue in a patient. It gives sustainable result with no side-effect. It is also useful in preventing early baldness in children.
  • Hair Growth Accelerator (HGA): We combined FUE with HGA to speed up the vascularization once the surgery is done. It quickens the metabolism of the follicular cells which is important for the quick growth of the transplanted hairs.
  • Hair Revival Therapy (HRT):This therapy is used to increase the volume of the hair by initiating hair growth even from the inactive follicles. It is proved that the treatment can yield 1700 more hairs as compared to the ordinary FUE method.

Now, you have come to know why people regarded us as the best hair transplantation clinic. So, contact us today to get the dense hair in an affordable and safe way.