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Hair Revival Therapy “HRT”

Hair Revival Therapy

The result of hair transplantation varies from one patient to another. It may not produce good results in some patients. It happens when the hairs do not grow from the dormant follicles. The stem cells of the follicles become inactive. As such, many patients become negative about the hair transplantation process.

Dr. Paul and his team have introduced the most recent breakthrough innovation in hair science which is known as Hair Revival Therapy or HRT.

What is Hair Revival Therapy?

It is a therapy which is given to the hair transplant patients after 15 days of the surgery. The therapy helps to improve the functionality of the hair follicle stem cells. If the stem cells of the follicles become active, then it will encourage more hair growth by entering the growth phase. It reduces the time span of the dormant Kenogen phase. So, the times of the hair follicles, which remain dormant at the Kenogen phase are reduced by further compelling the follicles to grow more hairs. In this way, it rejuvenates the non-transplanted dead hair follicles too.

How the therapy will be beneficial for you?

By undergoing the therapy during the post-op period, you can be benefited in the following ways:

  • It Encourage hair growth from the follicles that remain dormant for a long-time.
  • It will help the patients gaining approximately 1700 more hairs than that of the normal FUE restorative surgery approximately within 3 months.
  • It almost doubles the density of the hair.

It’s a 3 months treatment which is carried out with a unique patented molecule known as Stemoxydine.

You can get this therapy at any clinic of Dr. Paul’s. The therapy doesn’t involve any side effect and is completely safe for everyone, who has undergone hair transplantation.