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Hair DNA Testing

Hair DNA Based Personalized Treatment

Hair Loss is a common issue, which affects almost everyone. But some people, in spite of using Finasteride and Minoxidil, are not happy with the results.The reasons behind it is both these have to be given at different doses and forms for different people.

Everybody has individual requirement. So, it’s essential to know which medicine will work on an individual to fight the hair loss issue. That’s why, Dr. Paul and his team has introduced first time in India the Hair DNA based Personalized Treatment.

What is it actually?

Hair DNA Testing is a cheek swab based treatment, where the DNA samples are accumulated by rubbing inside the cheek with a soft swab. The collected samples require to be kept in the room temperature until they get dried. At last, the dried samples are taken to the laboratory for testing.

Research shows AR gene provides instructions for making a protein, called Androgen Receptor. It allows the body to respond appropriately to dihydrotestosterone and other androgens. More than 70% of the baldness is due to Androgenic Alopecia, a hereditary hair loss that has its roots in the genes of that patient. The most probable cause of the genetic hair loss is the high levels of the dihydrotestosterone and the AR gene.  So, if the proteins do not respond to the androgens and dihydrotestosterone, the hair growth may be affected.

Hair DNA based Personalized Treatment will be done by testing the DNA of the hair at first. This test will help to know the cause of the shedding. Then, the patients have to follow some simple steps to prevent excessive hair loss.

  • Use of DHT blocker in personalized doses.
  • Metered customized doses of vasodilators
  • Balanced Nutritional Support
  • Detoxification of hair roots for increased activity

Why should you go for DNA based Hair Treatment?

  • Find out the cause of hair loss more efficiently.
  • Estimating the hair loss severity beforehand.
  • Understanding which medicine will work for the patient.
  • Helping to avoid those medicines which are ineffective.
  • The medicines and the treatment are personalized which in turn customize the doses on the basis of cause and efficacy.
  • As the treatment doesn’t involve the over or under dose of the medicine, it is totally free from the side-effects.
  • It efficiently prevents the baldness in children even before it starts.
  • The overall health and wellness will improve.

This Hair Loss Treatment works for everyone. With it, almost everyone can get outstanding result.