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Hair Transplant Candidate

FUE Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

STEP 1.Select the areas where you would like more hair:
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Estimated Total
*Your actual needs will vary depending on your hair characteristics and head size.
STEP 2. Move the slider to your desired graft density
0 = Totally Bald | 25 = Appearance of Hair Re-established | 50 = Appearance of Fullness
* Graft density of 35 grafts per square cm is recommended. Here's what you have selected:

Value of zero is equivalent to complete baldness of area. Increase of value indicates shift towards appearance of hairs to full restoration at maximum value.

Baldness: 0 | Recommended Value: 35 | Full Restore: 50

Note: This tool does not replace the need for a thorough consultation with a physician.

While hair transplantation is the safest way to restore the lost hair, many are not eligible for it. There are certain criteria which you have to fulfill to become a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Let’s have a look at those factors:

  • Gender
  • Hair at the donor site
  • Extent of hair loss
  • Hair type
  • Thickness
  • Fitness
  • Laxity of the scalp.

How gender matters?

Gender is an important factor to consider before undergoing the surgery. Generally, men experience hair loss either at the crown or at the hairline. But, women experience hair loss on their entire head. As such, men become more eligible for undergoing hair transplantation, as they require less number of grafts to be implanted to cover their bald patches as compared to women.

How hair at the donor site matters?

The hair transplantation is done by extracting the hair follicles from the donor site to implant it into the recipient site. If you become completely bald due to Alopecia, which is very rare, then you will not have any hair at the donor site to be transplanted to the required area. Hence, chances are there that your surgeon will find it difficult to perform the surgery on your scalp. Those having more hair at the donor site after the stabilization of the hair loss are considered as eligible candidates for the transplantation technique.

How extent of hair loss matters?

If you have lost your hair severely, then more follicular unit grafts are required for a cosmetically satisfying result in the crown area. Never expect that you can get a head full of hair through hair transplantation, but you will definitely be able to get back your crowning glory within a few months after the surgery. The more the extent of the hair loss, the more will be the requirement of the donor hair.

So, rush to treat the issue as soon as you observe its first sign.

How hair type and thickness matters?

The hair type also determines the eligibility. Is your hair thick? Then, you’re a good candidate for this restoration process. Apart from it, those people having wavy hair also can opt for the surgery as it will provide more coverage.

How fitness matters?

Prior to the surgery, your physician will make sure that you’re healthy and have a strong immune condition. If you are suffering from any kind of illness, then inform the physician about it, so that he can adjust the treatment plant tailored to your needs.

Sometimes, the physicians also ask the patient to wait till his recovery.

How laxity of the scalp matters?

Good laxity of the scalp is essential mainly if you choose the FUT method. Higher laxity refers to greater flexibility which will make it easier for the surgeon to pull the scalp’s skin. On the other hand, if you have a tight scalp, then it’s better to avoid the FUT technique, as it will cause a tight and painful scar after the surgery. With the passage of time, these painful scars could stretch and widen.


Have you completed your reading? Do you think the above-said criteria match your condition? If ‘yes’,

then don’t retrace your steps. Go for hair transplantation today.