Welcome to Dr. Paul's Telemedicine Service | Dr Paul's Advanced Hair & Skin Solution

Welcome to Dr. Paul’s Telemedicine Service


All you need is a smart phone or a computer with webcam and a good internet connection.
Consult an expert of Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic on Video from the comfort of your home. You will receive the same treatment, had you come in to see the Doctor in person.
If supplements are suggested after the consultation, we will deliver them by courier to your address.

To start the treatment, you can choose any of the options below:

    WhatsApp Video Call

    • Have a WhatsApp video call with an expert of Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic.
    • Duration: 15-20 mins
    • Rs. 149 (Rs. 349)


    Skype Video Consultation

    • Have a video consultation with a senior consultant of Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic.
    • Duration: 30 mins
    • Rs. 399 (Rs. 699)


Benefits of Telemedicine

• You can consult an expert of Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic from anywhere in India.
• Avoid travelling and waiting at the clinic
• Avail the consultation from the comfort of your home or office
• All you need a smartphone or a computer and Internet connection
• Receive the same treatment if you had visited our clinic
• Supplements will be delivered to your doorstep
• Stay in touch with the doctor throughout the duration of the treatment through Telemedicine

You Are Only Three Steps Away

Step 1: Complete the online form with the required information the doctor will require.
Step 2: Consult with the doctor over video (we will provide assistance at all stage).
Step 3: Supplements, if suggested will be delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I avail the treatment through Telemedicine?
Ans: First you have to fill an online form and provide the required information the doctor will need. After this a video call will be arranged based on the doctor’s availability. You can either have this call through WhatsApp or through Skype (we recommend Skype because of better video quality). During the video calls the doctor will ask several questions and based on your condition the doctor will discuss both medical and surgical treatment options available to you. If only supplements are suggested to you, they will be sent to your address through courier. You can complete the payment Online.

2. What kind of devices we need to have a video call?
Ans: You can use your smartphone or a computer with a web camera and a good internet connection (broadband or 4G) – We will provide assistance at all stage if you require any.

3. What are the charges of consulting the doctor over video (Telemedicine)?
Ans: You can choose to have the initial video consultation over WhatsApp or Skype. For WhatsApp video consultation the charges are Rs. 149 (Rs. 349) and for Skype Video consultation the charges are Rs. 399 (Rs. 699). These are only the consultation fee to compensate the time of the doctors and does not include the charges of the supplements.

4. Why the charges are different for WhatsApp and Skype?
Ans: We would always recommend you to go for Skype video consultation as these are provided by a senior consultant with, the duration of the call is 30 mins and you can have a detailed discussion with the doctor. The video quality of the Skype is also far better than of WhatsApp. So, if you need to show anything specific to the doctor then Skype is a better option than WhatsApp. For a relatively simple problem you can go with WhatsApp video call.

5. How the video call will be arranged on WhatsApp?
Ans: 15 minutes prior to the call one of our executive will contact you and will share a WahatsApp number with you, you have to add that number in your contacts of your phone (note that unscheduled calls will not be answered there). Thereafter the executive will make a video call on WhatsApp to ensure the everything is working (audio and video) as expected. Once the testing is done then the doctor will speak to you right there.

6. How the video call will be arranged on Skype?
Ans: Once the call has been scheduled on a fixed date and time – you must have the Skype application installed on your phone or computer. 30 mins prior the call one of our executives will call and share a Login ID and Password. You should use this Login ID and Password to log in to the Skype to avail the video consultation. Once you have logged in one of our executives will initiate a video call to test if the audio and video is working as expected. After the call quality test is done the doctor will speak to you right there. After the call is done you must log out or you will be automatically logged out from the account from our end.

7. When do I receive the supplements?
Ans: After the initial consultation with the doctor if you are suggested to start the treatment with supplements one of our executives will convey the cost to you. Once you have completed the payment the supplements will be shipped from our centre through courier. Based on your location it should reach within 4-5 business days any part of India.

8. How do I make the payment?
Ans: You need to complete the payment in advance before the treatment can start. You can use our payment gateway and complete the payment using your credit or debit card or you can transfer the fund by online bank transfer (NEFT or IMPS).

9. Can I make part payments?
Ans: You need to complete the payment 100% in advance before we can start the treatment.

10. How can I avail follow up consultation?
trong>Ans: You can have a free follow up consultation on video up to 15 days from availing the first consultation. Once you have registered for the treatment package you can update the doctor about the progress unlimited number of times over phone. If you wish to avail a video consultation that you can do also at a discounted price – Rs. 149 for WhatsApp video call and Rs. 399 for Skype video call.

11. Why do I need to register for at least 6 months or one year?
Ans: Every treatment requires time to show it’s result. At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, we do not do any miracle but provide treatment based on extensive scientific research and application, which does not give overnight results but shows result gradually. So, it is important for you to allow that time for the treatment to start delivering the results.

12. Do you give any guarantee?
Ans: It is not possible to give any guarantee or predict an exact time frame in any branch of medical treatment and hence Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic do provide the same as well.

13. Can I claim a refund?
Ans: The consultation fee that you pay to consult a doctor is to compensate the time doctor spends on your case. Since, the doctor has already spent the time on the case the consultation fee therefore, is no refundable. Supplements once sold cannot be returned as well.