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Skin Treatment

The skin-care industry has witnessed immense growth and came out as a promising sector of investment in the recent years. Professional skin treatment, especially, is an area, which will experience substantial growth with lots of Indian men and women visiting skin care clinics and dermatologists to enhance their beauty.

Skin treatment covers a wide gamut- from anti-pigmentation to tattoo removal.

Cost Chart Of Skin Treatment Of Four Big Countries

Skin Treatment- Average Prices


IndiaThe United StatesThe United KingdomSingapore
Ranges from INR1500-INR 30,000.Ranges from $120-$5000.Ranges from £3500-£6500Ranges from S$150-S$-4500.


Just compare the costs to know why India is rapidly growing as a therapeutic tourism hub.

Cost of skin-treatment at Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic: The cost of each facet of skin treatment varies according to the technique and the requirement.

Anti-aging treatment at his clinic starts from INR6000 per session. You have to pay for 5 sessions to get the last one absolutely free. The total cost including the service tax stands to INR33, 708 only. Moreover, you will get 4 EMI options.

Anti-pigmentation treatment under Dr. Paul and his team starts from INR 3000 per session. Simply pay for 8 sessions to get the remaining two free. The final cost including the service tax of INR 2966 will stand to INR26, 966 only. Here, also you will get 4 EMI options.

Acne and scar reduction treatment at Dr. Paul’s Clinic starts from INR 3000 per session. The treatment can be completed within 8 sessions although you don’t have to pay for the last one. With the inclusion of the service tax of INR 2596, the total expenditure stands to INR 23596 only. You can pay it with ease by availing 4 EMI options.

Laser hair removal under the experienced team of Dr. Paul starts from INR 3000 per session. Out of 6 sessions, you just have to pay for 5. When the service tax of INR3708 is added, the total cost becomes equal to INR33708 only. 6 EMI options are available.

Tattoo removal at Dr. Paul’s clinic starts from INR5000 per session. However, the total cost stands to INR 5618 only with the addition of service tax of INR 618 only.