Cosmetic Surgery

The growing fashionista among Indians has compelled the cosmetic surgery to evolve with the latest techniques. The business of medical tourism in India is undoubtedly booming, yet it requires some regulations. According to a research, India is still lingering between fourth and fifth position in the map of global medical tourism destinations. But, with the inclusion of the cosmetic surgery, and its rising taxes in the Western countries, India is sure to make maximum revenue out of it.

Numerous experts are in assent with one another that the Indian cosmetic surgery field is growing at the rate of 20-30% every year. Although the number of abroad fliers who have visited for the same purpose is not yet exactly known, yet the cosmetic surgeons are very optimistic regarding its future growth.

Costs of Various Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgery is one kind of plastic surgery which covers a wide range. It is inclusive of breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, male breast reduction, liposuction, vaser liposuction, and others.

Breast Augmentation: Once the anaesthesia starts to work, the cosmetic surgeon makes a pocket-like incision behind both the breasts to place the breast implants. Then these implants are positioned for optimum shapeliness and appearance. After ensuring proper placements of the implants, the surgeon with stitches or glue closes the incision.

Factors That Determine The Breast-Augmentation Cost:

  • Fee of the surgeon
  • Location of the clinic
  • Technique used
  • Sedation fees
  • Medications

Breast Augmentation- Average Prices

IndiaThe United StatesThe United KingdomSingapore
Generally ranges from INR 70,000-INR 1,50,000.Ranges from $3500-$4000 max. Generally ranges from £3800-£5000 Ranges mostly from S$10,000-S$15000 max.

Through the cost comparison, you will find out that you can save approximately INR 70,000 if you fly to India from the United States to go for breast augmentation. Similarly, its price is INR 2, 26,000 less as compared to UK, and INR 46,000 less as compared to Singapore.

Cost of Breast Augmentation at Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic: Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic has been serving the cosmetic world for the past many years. It has emerged as a triumphant in bringing smiles on its clients’ faces by delivering the expected results. Your breast can be augmented within a single session at a cost-effective price of only INR80, 000 which is exclusive of tax. With the addition of service tax of only INR 9888, the total expenditure stands to INR89, 888 only. Their highly-skilled professionals access the latest technology to augment the breast size with almost zero side-effects. Dr. Paul and his team value the clients and hence, extend their help to assist you throughout the process. They make your breasts look natural even after increasing its size.

Breast-Lift Surgery: General anaesthesia is given to the client during the surgery. The surgeon then makes a cut beneath both the breasts. This cut should follow the natural breast shape. It then follows another cut starting from the nipple to the bottom line of the breasts. After that, the excess saggy skin is removed. It is then repositioned along with the nipple to make the breasts look lifted and firm.

Factors That Determine The Cost of Breast-Lift Surgery:

  • Fee of the surgeon
  • Sedation fee
  • Duration of the surgery
  • Location of the clinic
  • Placing of the breast implants

Cost Chart Of Four Major Countries

Breast Lift Surgery- Average Prices

IndiaThe United StatesThe United KingdomSingapore
INR60,000- INR 1,50,000.$4000-$8000.£3100-£7000.S$5000-S$6000

Obviously, by calculating the costs, you will come to know that the breast lift surgery in India is cheaper as compared to other countries.

Cost Of Breast Lift Surgery At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic:

Male Breast Reduction: – This kind of surgery also known as Gynecomastia is performed under general anaesthesia. Your cosmetic surgeon will make an incision encompassing your nipple. Then, they will perform liposuction process to take out the excess fatty tissues. In case, you have more fatty tissues, then the surgeon may require extending the cuts from areola to the bottom of the chest. After that, they will reposition your nipples as well.

Factors That Determine The Male Breast Reduction Cost:

  • Fee of the surgeon
  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Technique used
  • Extent of the surgery
  • Sedation fees
  • Medicines
  • And testing

Cost Chart Of Four Major Countries

Male Breast Reduction Surgery- Average Prices

IndiaThe United StatesThe United KingdomSingapore
INR 35,000-INR 1, 55,000.Starts from $3300Ranges between £2700-£5500Somewhere between S$2500-S$3200

Just compare the costs to find out how much you can save if you get the surgery done from India.

Cost of Male Breast Reduction Surgery at Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic: The cost of male breast reduction surgery varies from one client to another in most of the clinics. However, you will be happy to know that its cost remains the same at Dr. Paul’s Clinic. Here, it is completely independent of the extent and duration of the surgery. You can easily avail it at an affordable price of INR80, 000 (though the service tax is not included in it). After the mere addition of the service tax of INR 9888, the net cost changes to INR89888 only. They will do an ultrasound scan to give your cosmetic surgeon a clear-cut idea of the total amount of glandular and fatty tissues that requires to be excised. They improve the overall shape of your chest area through their highly-skilled team.

Liposuction:  It eliminates the excess fat from your body and shapes it up through suction. During the process, the surgeon makes small incisions in the skin to insert the blunt-tipped tubes to remove the excess fat under your skin to hit specific fatty areas.

Cost Chart Of Four Major Countries

Liposuction Surgery-Average Prices

IndiaThe United StatesThe United KingdomSingapore
Generally ranges from INR 25, 000 – INR 1, 50, 000 max. Generally ranges from $2000-$3500 max. Ranges from £2000-£5500.Ranges from £2000-£5500.

Hence, by comparing the costs, you will find that you can save at least INR1,01, 000 if you prefer to do the surgery in India instead in the United States. Similarly through the comparison of India’s cost with the remaining two countries, you will come to know that India is the only Asian country where anyone can get the quality cosmetic treatment in an economic manner.

Vaser Liposuction: The term ‘Vaser’ is the abbreviated form of Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This high-tech has almost replaced the traditional liposuction. With the use of Vaser ultrasonic probes, the surgeon breaks down the fat cells. The vibrations unbind the fat cells gently and emulsify the infused tumescent fluid in that specific area. When the emulsification starts, the surgeon uses a small tube to suck the fat cells out. Apart from eliminating the fat, it also protects other tissues near the treated area.

Factors that determine the cost of Vaser Liposuction: The cost of Vaser liposuction mainly depends on the following major factors:

  • Number of targeted body parts
  • Fee of the cosmetic surgeon
  • Sedation fees
  • Post-op garments
  • Prescribed medicines

Cost of Vaser Liposuction at Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic:

Chin area: At Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic, you can tone up your chin area through Vaser liposuction. It can be done within a single session and the total expenditure will stand to INR28, 090 only with the inclusion of the tax of INR 3090 only.

Arms: Want to get rid of flabby arms? Visit Dr. Paul’s clinic, and achieve your desired arms at only INR56, 180 (inclusive of Service tax of INR6180 only. Getting toned arms was never so easy before.

Abdomen: A flat abdomen strengthens one’s personality. To remove your excess belly fat, contact Dr. Paul and get it done at only INR1, 12, 360. A service tax of INR 12360 is also included in the total price.

Thighs: You can tone up the thighs at only INR1, 12, 360 from Dr. Paul’s Multispecialty Clinic.

Dr. Paul and his team also provide free post-op support. Hence, renew and reshape yourself in an affordable way through his team’s proficiency.

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