Male Breast Reduction

Gynaecomastia is a condition found in mail, wherein the mammary glands get unusually developed which results in the enlargement of the breast. Conditions as such can arise social embarrassment, can get traumatizing, or even lead to cruel teasing. Men who are affected with this condition generally try wearing thick shirts, and avert physical exercises and swimming. Male breast reduction or Gynecomastia is a commonly done surgery cosmetic surgery which will help in reducing their breast size and save them from social embarrassments.

Do male breasts occur only because of eating a lot of junk food?

The chief cause of such an issue is not due to eating a lot of junk food. At the time of puberty, glandular component takes place which causes a lot of hormonal imbalance. However with weight gain, male breasts could end up getting bigger due to fat component increasing due to increase in fat. Yet if there is lack of physical activity together with an unhealthy lifestyle, this could lead to gynecomastia formation, making the condition worse.

What are the chief causes of Gynaecomastia or Male Breast condition?

  • Aging
  • Puberty (hormonal changes)
  • Use of anabolic steroid
  • Verdant testosterone supplements
  • Even malnutrition could lead to hormonal imbalances which could lead one to this condition
  • Recreational drugs or alcohol consumption

Side effects of some medicines

  • Klinefelter disorder
  • Gynaecomastia Treatment


The chief objective of this treatment is to tone down the enhanced breast size of a male. In this process, excessive glandular tissues get toned down together with the assistance of the process of liposuction in most cases.

During the process of invasive Gynaecomastia, approximately, at both the sides of the areola about 5mm incision takes place. As soon as the process of liposuction takes place, through the incision process the glandular tissues that are present at the tip of areola gets recovered.

Candidates eligible

Any male who has a sound health and body can go ahead for this surgery. It is important that a man has proper elasticity with a tough skin so that the body’s increased contours can be managed well. Through this surgery, any man with the problem of man boobs will feel light, easy and free from any kind of social embarrassment anymore.

Any risk or side effects?

The treated area may swell or feel a little tender for some time
Minor bruising may occur which will recover within 3 to 6 months time span

How much time would it take to recover from this surgery?

The healing time depends on the overall magnitude of the operation undertaken. Almost many patients in the past have recovered in about 3 to 4 days time. However, take about a week’s rest and then get going with your every day work. Soon after the surgery, avoid picking up heavy objects.

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